“Bluffin with My Muffin”

To quote the esteemed and super slender illustrious pop icon of our generation, I have been “Bluffin with My Muffin” in the most literal sense. After watching Hillel Presser from Millionaire Matchmaker last night rave about his glorious muffin company, 1-800-MUFFINS, there is nothing I want more than a fluffy, calorie-ridden muffin infused with tons of sugar and fat. *Sigh* But alas, I have turned to a salad, apple, and small whole wheat roll for lunch accompanied by a light ice sugar free hazelnut coffee from Starbies. Score one point for team “Fat Girl”!

Upon my 1 midtown block walk back from lunch I briskly blew by a total rexie mom surrounded by a gaggle of pubescent long haired wannabees. As I mentioned yesterday, everyday is a constant psychological struggle to overcome the feeling of touching thighs and slight love handles in an oasis of anorexia. At least Momma Rexie wasn’t a total babe.

Fat Girl


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