Raw, Loud, and Lewd

So last night, I joined some friends, my very conservative boyfriend, and his artsy college roomate for dinner on the Upper West Side for an evening of raw fish, loud conversation (my voice tends to carry), and lewd comments (most of which were my contribution). We all started with two huge heaping bowls of edamame and discussion centered around my new blog, which you are reading right now. My two girlfriends, T and A (I’ll keep names to first initial only to protect the identities of my friends….side-note: T&A = Tits and Ass – hahaha – I crack myself up/I have the maturity level of a five year old) greeted me with a very warm, “Hey Fat Girl!” and then we proceeded to order our booze laden with unnecessary calories. While, I am not one to drink in order to loosen myself up as I am usually very comfortable, I feel that a little caloric intake from alcohol can often add to the mystique of an evening – and indeed our Pinot Grigios and Grapefruit Martinis did just that. As my martini glass approached bottom, my comments became more inappropriate, and eventually I was obnoxiously making (according to the aforementioned bf) “too loud” references to quinbys and other oddities that the bf was first embarrassed by, then angered by, and eventually compelled enough to publicly note, “Such topics should never be discussed at the dinner table and no one would disagree.” While our company did not disagree with him no one agreed either. Part of my draw is my non-functioning filter on my brain – when in social situations I do not feel the need to conform to our society’s dictation of what is and what isn’t deemed acceptable. I much prefer to say whatever pops into my head at any given moment, and I do admit that I often enjoy the shock factor associated with what comes from my bouche.

Okay, so this actually is a blog about losing weight…I promise that I won’t recap every evening in excruciating detail unless there is a demand for that (if you enjoy reading about my evenings, let me know – there’s plenty more where that came from) . Getting back to food, diet, feeling like the fattest person in a Japanese run restaurant stocked with an all too skinny wait staff – I was a very good girl last night (aside from my inappropriate behavior and Grapefruit martini) and consumed only the martini, edamame (which has a very low point value on Weight Watchers), miso soup (2 pts on WW), and a bunch of raw salmon (approx 4 pts total on WW), so to be conservative I’ll estimate that dinner was 10 pts – I’m allowed 20 pts per day according to WW. So dinner was about half of my allotment for the entire day – it’s a good thing Tits and Ass saved me from a severe yearning for a sugary Magnolia cupcake only 1 block south of the restaurant we were at.

I thankfully avoided Magnolia because Ass and my bf’s roommate really hit it off at dinner (they both run in the media/press world), and Tits and I wanted to continue to create sparks between the two so we ran off to a wine bar after sushi. Unfortunately the artsy man writer had to get home to focus on some work so the evening ended early, but hopefully there will be some more dinners soon for Ass and Artsy Writer Man – there is a very “Yenta” side to me. I love seeing love blossom. Speaking of blossoms, I still have not kicked the Magnolia craving – I will always be a loud, lewd fat girl at heart.

Fat Girl


2 responses to “Raw, Loud, and Lewd

  1. FormerlyVeryVoluptuous

    Hey Fat Girl,
    I think your blog is a delight! As someone who used to be pretty damn fat (70 lbs heavier than HE is today) I can definitely relate to feeling miserable about my weight. But now that I am thinner than I have ever been (and pretty damn thin), I can still get “bent out of shape,” so to speak, about my weight. I think its great that you are talking about your experiences and with such a refreshing flare! I’ve giggled several times already so keep it comin bitch!
    FormerlyVeryVoluptuous (and missing my ass!)

  2. Hi! I just wanted to say I love this blog, it’s a really fun romp through a normal person’s pursuit of fitness. I’m tired of reading about celebs trying to get skinny – they have personal chefs/trainers. of COURSE it’s easy for them to miraculously drop tens of lbs. My trick is to drink white wine in social gatherings (normally 2 pts) – I heard somewhere that on WW two glasses isn’t 4 points – but rather 3! Drink up!


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