Off to Las Vegas for the Weekend!

Hi All,

I’m all set to jet to the land of overdone frivolities and activities deemed illegal in most American states – not exactly my thing, but I know my good friend College will make it worth my while – she never fails to keep me entertained. What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas for me – so check back after the weekend to get a full synopsis of the trip, although it will probably put you to sleep. College and I are making the trek out there and plan on doing pretty much nothing but relaxing at the pool and reading trashy gossip mags.

As for my week…The bf made it back from Europe this on Monday despite the huge cloud of volcanic ash that was encompassing the planet. I was at a fundraiser at Cipriani’s Wall Street when he landed eating filet mignon, potatoes, and zucchini while simultaneously reveling in their exquisite peach bellinis. Throughout the remainder of the week, we kind of piggied it up a little to celebrate both of our upcoming professional transitions (he’s starting at a huge hedge fund next Monday).

Last night we hit up Union Square Cafe, a classic favorite of the old school New Yorker. This was our first time there and the place was lined with salt-and-peppered Wall Street types in Hermes ties and botoxed middle-aged rexies carrying beautiful lamb skin Chanel bags. We had a full four course dinner accompanied by Prosecco for me and girly cocktails for him (a pink/fruity cocktail is the bf’s trademark).

All in all, the week has been a whirl wind of great food and fortunately, I have not buoyed up on the scale but have maintained a weight which has hovered around 134 – 136 lbs this week. I would have liked to lose a pound or two – but we can’t have it all!

If any of my fatty foodie friends out there have any great recs for restaurants in Vegas, give me a shout! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Fat Girl


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