And she’s back…

Hi All,

So sorry for being remiss in my broadcast to the virtual world regarding my adventures as a normal girl trying to keep fit and slim in this crazy city full of bony rexies! So….I have started my job as an investment banker and as I projected in an earlier post, getting to the gym, a full serving of fruits and veggies, and access to healthy eating options is quite the challenge. Therefore, I have inevitably pushed up the numbers on the scale a little bit over the past three months. Now hovering around the 140 lb zone, I cannot wait till I finish up taking all the required exams I need so that I can focus on my health a bit more. (My last exam required for me to continue working in this role is scheduled for tomorrow at 9 am – if I don’t pass, I’m done. No pressure!)

Working around 14 – 16 hours a day leaves little time for socializing, sleeping, taking my clothes to the dry cleaners, running errands, etc. So in all those things that I consider a necessary part of life, it can be hard to make the time to drag myself to the G-Y-M. Yuck – when I have a few hours or get out of work at 8 o’clock on a beautiful summer night, the last thing I want to do is crawl onto an old stinky treadmill at New York’s cheapest gym (I’m a member of NYSC) and sweat and pant like a hamster in a wheel. I would much rather sit outside at a little eatery on a NY sidewalk and people watch with a cheese plate and glass of Pinot Grigio. But wouldn’t we all?

No! Not the rexie, she despises the thought of having to sit at a bar with a glass of wine and a cheese plate as those are all the calories she could consume for an entire week – she would much rather take those few rare snippets of time and climb the stairmaster for two hours after which she might do a routine of free weights and 300 situps accompanied by 10 vinyasa flow sequencies! Ahhhh…where is my inner rexie?

Guess I just don’t have one…While I still want to get to that 125 lb goal, the more time that goes by, the more I start to realize that a healthier option for me might be to get comfortable with myself at 130 lbs which is probably a more attainable and realistic goal for me particularly in my new role.

Well, for all you fat girls out there (and skinny ones), just remember to love your body because no matter what the Maybeline commercials tell you, you were born with it. We are all beautiful, even those of us who have a little too much jiggle in our badunks, big noses, acne, etc…That’s what makes us all beautiful – our imperfections.

Lots of love for my Manhattan ladies as well as my ladies who have scattered all over the US.

Fat Girl

P.S. I will certainly try to make the next post come a little faster!


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