Maybe she’s back (from the past? from Greece? for good?)…

Dear my lovely ladies of NYC, America, and the remainder of the internet accessible world,

Again, terribly sorry not to have written in ages, but as mentioned in my prior posts, life as an investment banker is unfortunately consuming my life and my ass. My butt cheeks multiply ten fold everyday and have pretty much surpassed the bounds of all of my jeans (except one amazing pair that I can still manage to squeeze my big booty into). My goals of 125 lbs are completely out of sight at this point, and at this juncture I would be thoroughly elated to step on the scale and see the numbers 1-3-5. My gelatinous cheeks are jiggling at a whopping ~142 lbs, despite my desperately healthy eating habits. I try to consume enough fibers, greens, healthy s*** that don’t taste good to keep the jiggle to a minimum, but despite my best efforts I live on an island with temptation at every twist, turn, corner and spotting of another leggy 6’2″ rexie, thus it can be ever so difficult to avoid the amazingly delectable cuisines perfected all over the world that have been brought to the lips of my fellow non-rexie (and possibly a few rexie) New York ladies. In addition to constant temptation, a boy friend who is completely love blind and thinks I’m still “sexy”, and working from 7 am till 8 or 9 pm on an early night, I have barely made it to the gym.

Around three weeks ago, the bf and I returned from an amazing 10 day trip to Athens, Rhodes, and Santorini, Greece. Before Greece, I was trying to get to the gym every few days per week so as not to be the only beached American whale displaying her rolls on the beach for all those beautiful Euro bodies to see. While we were there, we didn’t worry about what we ate, we drove around the islands all day, we relaxed on beaches AND…..


Now we are back in the states, and again, it appears that we are both packing on the pounds despite eating healthy. Part of me really believes that one of the main contributors to the great American weight problem and the constant struggle of so many women is due to the corrupt and completely disgusting nature of our food industry. I think the key word in that sentence is “industry”. The fact that I described our food system as an industry is the nucleus of this problem. Nothing we consume in this country is untouched by science, chemicals and technology, and while I am a huge supporter of all three of the aforementioned realms of human existence, I don’t necessarily know if my feelings towards combining them with what I put into my body are positive ones.

Well, that was probably an unnecessarily long political blurb on the nature of the food industry in our country, but I think its good for people to be at least aware if not educated regarding what they put into their mouths every single day. A good, entertaining book to read if you’d like to learn more/be completely appalled is Skinny Bitch. While Skinny Bitch, is at its core an attempt to turn all women lusting after long, thin thighs into a vegan (which will never happen for me), it is certainly funny, thought-provoking, and interesting, particularly if you have ever wondered where your food actually comes from or what its actually made of. That being said (errr written), I don’t recommend reading it if you are faint of heart or have the potential to get grossed out easily.

Okay, there’s a lot more to update you on outside of the American food problem – I definitely will include more snippets of my amazing time in Greece, but in the mean time, please have fun browsing some awe inspiring pictures and hopefully in my next post I can upload some of my new favorite Euro workout songs! I am trying to get on and write once a week, so if I’m remiss in my promises please shoot me a line and tell me to WRITE!!!!

Fat Girl


Questions, comments, suggestions are welcome!

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