The dreaded Friday night out…

…And no coffee to boot! Recently, I decided to kick my absurd consumption of Starbies coffees in favor of healthier alternatives, so like a smoker, I am now going through little fits of withdrawal, particularly when that heavenly aroma passes by my olfactory. It’s been over a week now and I’ve managed to avoid it all costs, even with 5 am wake-ups. So, as you might imagine, after no coffee and a very long work week, I wasn’t one to get so excited about primping, throwing on something cute and meeting up with friends at Tom Colicchio’s Craftbar in Flatiron.

But, alas, your imagination fools you! Generally, I hate going out on Friday nights, they are just so rushed, I feel super stressed out, and overwhelmingly exhausted. This Friday, for some reason, was different – I don’t know if my recent decision to kick coffee, my amazing friends, T and the bf’s college roommate, or my healthier eating habits were the cause but either way, it was a great night! Craftbar is delicious – a great place to share a bunch of random items on the menu and savor creatively concocted cocktails.

After an awesome time at the restaurant, we all went back to my bf’s apartment to chill out and share different beats we are currently into. T has a robust collection of boho/noho tunes that are very different and have entertaining youtube videos. We ended up having a great time just hanging out while I danced like a crazy lunatic around the living room, and everyone left around 2 am. The bf and I hit the hay immediately afterwards and woke up at 8 to hit the hamster den.

All in all, great Friday thanks to my lovely friends, and a generally good/healthy weekend.

Fat Girl

PS – The new season of Gossip Girl is great! Can’t wait for this week’s episode. Btw, she and I are cohorts. 😉


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