The Big Numero Dos

This past week was a pretty good one – worked hard, ate well, worked out at 5 am, worked out in the evenings and looked forward to a very exciting weekend. While looking forward to something special is generally a good feeling, the weekend was primarily a surprise planned by my bf and anyone who knows me can tell you that I am the most antsy, impatient, little-kid when it comes to surprises and not just for immature reasons. My bf planned a Saturday of activities in celebration of our 2 year anniversary; however, he would not let me in on what he had planned, so I had to guesstimate on what to wear, which any girl can tell you can be an absolutely tedious chore particularly when one doesn’t know what to dress for: **Jeans? Leggings with boots? Boots at all? If boots, are uggs too casual? Can I wear nice leather boots or will they get ruined? What if we are apple picking? Okay, maybe just nasty sneakers? No, can’t do that – will totally ruin a cute outfit and what could be great pictures!** – those are just some of thoughts that run through my mind when I am not given enough information to plan an outfit – in fact, they tend to be the thoughts that run through my mind even when I do know where I’m going, and when I don’t those thoughts come faster and at triple the volume – what a raucous in my head.

Okay, so enough of clothing conundrums – the weekend, despite not knowing what to wear was absolutely amazing. The bf did a spectacular job and deserves a pat on the back.

Schedule for our special day was as follows:

8:30 am – Wake up, shower, get dressed
9:20 am – Depart from Grand Central on Metro North – I still had no clue where we were going at this point
9:45ish am – The train stops in the Bronx and the bf instructs me to get off – we were at the Bronx Botanical Gardens and spent the day touring the grounds (I enjoyed the rose garden most, sounds corny, but it is absolutely beautiful and the roses have the most magnificent aroma) and enjoying the Edible Garden exhibit which is an annual summer through early fall program. The Edible Garden program invites local vendors to set up tend with samples in order to educate consumers about local foods as well as promote their products – needless to say, we had to get something, so the bf bought a jar of peanut butter which I then had to lug around in my already heavy handbag for the rest of the day; however, he is a total sweetie and carried it for my when my shoulder got tired. We also saw Bill Telepan give a cooking demonstration which was awesome! He made this squash gnocchi which seems relatively easy and quick to make so maybe at my next dinner party or possibly for Thanksgiving at my parents house I will whip up some of that – though it is definitely not on my list of good little fat girl foods.
1:25 pm – We left the Bronx Botanical Gardens to make a 2 pm Billy Elliot matinee
2:00 pm – Billy Elliot – amazing show – those poor little kids must sleep less than I do or they are just gifted freaks of nature – I would highly recommend it
5:00 pm – Left the theatre and the madness that is Times Square and proceeded back to the bf’s apt so we could get ready for dinner. While I was showering, blow drying, curling, make-uping, debating between dark gray tights or black tights, steal gray silk dress with bell sleeves or black sweater dress with silk ruffle collar, boots or pumps, the bf was busy putting together yet another a super thoughtful experience for me in the kitchen. When he was all set he had me come out to freshly baked crab cakes and Cupcakes by Melissa (right on 14th btw 5th and University Place – my new favorite cupcake spot in the city) with a number 2 candle burning in the middle of all the cupcakes. He then brought out a beautiful gift bag with lots of tissue paper that had this J. Crew flannel tunic I was dying for (which I’m actually wearing as I write – it is soooo comfy) and a very romantic/cute/funny card with a poem he wrote summing up our relationship on the inside.
8:00 pm – We took some pictures at his apartment, hopped in a cab and zipped up to the Oak Bar at the Plaza for a pre-dinner drink and some yellow-tail tacos. He planned the Oak Bar pre-dinner drinks as we had a night almost two years ago there that was pretty much perfect. We were just starting to really fall for each other at that point, and just as a cheesy rom-com would go, we were seated in the exact same spot.
9:30 pm – Dinner at Milos, an acclaimed Greek restaurant on 55th between 6th and 7th – would definitely recommend this spot. It is like a little piece of Santorini nestled into midtown Manhattan. There is a fish market within the restaurant where you can chose your fish before you eat it, similar to the way restaurants operate in Santorini. Beautiful dinner. At dinner, the bf gave me two post-dinner options – either an SNL cast after party or Juvenex (a 24-hour spa) for massages. I very much wanted to go the SNL party, but the completely packed day and my new aversion to coffee completely drained me, and I just didn’t have the energy to stay up till 1:30 and then go out till 3:00 am. What a lamo old fat girl I am.

All in all, this guy knows how to plan a special day, and we had an amazing weekend (although I did unfortunately gain 2.5 lbs bringing me to a jiggly 142.5 lbs). He has always done amazing things for me and I am so lucky to have him, particularly because he likes my big fat booty. 🙂

Hopefully this post wasn’t too mushy, but I just thought I’d share something special with all my Fat Girl fans.

Fat Girl


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