Scuba Dooba

So…this weekend, the fiance and I went out to Dutch Springs, PA for our final open water dive in order to pursue our official scuba certification (our honeymoon is planned for Australia and New Zealand and I refused to go without getting our certifications – I feel that going to Australia and passing up the Great Barrier Reef is equivalent to venturing to Paris and never going to the top of the Eiffel Tower – even though the view from the top of the Arc d’Triumph is really just as magnificent, if not more spectacular.)

So after a long day (5 am wake-up on a Sunday), we still had time left on our ZipCar rental and decided it would be fun to find a nice dinner spot out of the city, ideally on the water, to celebrate our recent certification!  We found a beautiful restaurant with great food only 37 minutes north of our apartment (we live in the garment district – 30s on the West Side of Manhattan.)  Harvest on the Hudson offers wonderfully fresh food with amazing views of the Hudson River and curvaceous land formations that dot the Hudson Valley region of New York.     Our palettes were truly delighted and satisfied by the end of our meal, and miraculously, we both woke up this morning a pound lighter!  Forty-five days until our rehearsal dinner and only five pounds to go for my goal wedding weight!  Hopefully, I can have a few more enjoyable weekends like this one while still shedding the wiggles and the jiggles.

Wish me luck.


Fat Girl


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