Venti Cuatro Mas Dias (I couldn’t come up with a good title in English, so here is something relatively boring, but at least it’s in a another language.)

So…there are twenty four days left till the big one and four more pounds to go. As I sit in front of my computer slowly eating Fresh Direct’s home-style salsa (only 10 calories per serving), dreams of wontons, shrimp tempura and cheeseburgers are dancing through my head. Needless to say, my journey to wedding weight has not been the smoothest road as you all already know.

Anyway, I had a relatively stressful day today not really due to food or the lack of eating what I would really like to be eating, but rather all of the little things that come up 3.5 weeks before a wedding that you would have never predicted on that happy day when your man gets down on one knee and asks you to spend the rest of your life with him despite knowing about all of your quirks. While the wedding has been instrumental in my success regarding weight loss, it has been a whirl wind of one stressful moment after another in terms of working to make everyone happy, keeping to budgetary constraints and organizing all the very important people who go into making that day meaningful.

At the end of the day, I guess I really just need to remember that my wedding is just one day of my life and just like every other day of my life, things will go wrong, people will piss me off, I will likely piss other people off and everyone will still survive! I also really need to remember that the wedding is about the man and me and that’s where all the meaning should be derived from (not from the beautiful macarons which are matched to the color theme of our wedding or the placement of our photo booth). And one last thing, I am SOOOOO LUCKY to be worried and stressed about this – relative to so many other people all over the world my life is a “piece o’cake”. I get to go to a great job every day – I have wonderful people in my life – I am getting married in 3.5 weeks to an AMAZING person who loves and supports me through it all. Others are worried about where there next meal is coming from, whether their children will make it through wars, and other sad and depressing issues.

Anyway, I don’t mean to be a total downer, I just needed to vent a little publicly, and also affirm and remind myself that things are pretty darn good. Sorry for the overly personal post – this one really was for me, but hopefully everyone can take something away from it.

Fat Girl


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