Uh….I don’t know where to start…

Ready to walk down the aisle.

Saturday, September 8, 2012, Spring Lake, NJ:  Fat Girl in New York becomes a Mrs.  While all the planning was stressful and kind of drove me nuts for over a year and a half, the insanity was shockingly worth it.  The day had its little glitches as all wedding days do, but all-in-all it was a nearly perfect day.  A post about this day could take a very long time, so I will try to be short and sweet and give you all the main points.

While getting ready (from approximately 8 am till 11:15 am), rain was coming down in sheets and the skies were a harsh tone of steel gray, but I was calm, cool and collected as possible since I had about 800 back-up plans in place in the event of bad weather.  At 11:30, the sun broke through the clouds and the humidity level soared.  By noon I was zipped into my dress.  We were at the church by 3:15 and the ceremony was absolutely beautiful.  I walked down the aisle to “Ave Maria” sung by one of my dearest friends from high school and the new hubby’s uncle who traveled all the way from England to celebrate our nuptials with us.  We wrote our own vows, chose non-biblical readings that had a lot of meaning to us and spoke to what we strive for in our relationship goals and by 4:15, I walked down the aisle in the other direction with my new husband to an instrumental version of “It’s a Beautiful Day” by U2.  By 5:00 pm, we were knocking back lychee martinis at cocktail hour and by 6:30 we were rockin’ out on the dance floor.

Because the day was so insanely jam packed with activities, making sure everything was on schedule, kissing random international relatives, etc., I barely had time to eat anything and I don’t think I peed until 6:00 pm (you need to understand that my normal pee regime is about every 30 minutes – I drink ridiculous amounts of water – I find it helps prevent the wiggles and the jiggles and you tend to have a much better idea of when your body is actually craving food because it is well hydrated.)

The dancing and reception ended by 11:00 pm and then everyone headed back to the Molly Pitcher Inn and Oyster Point Hotel in Red Bank, NJ.  I was in bed by 1:30 am, but don’t think I slept a wink as I continually rehashed the events of the day in my head.

The next day, we skipped off to the airport and gritted our teeth for the 21 hour flight to Sydney, Australia.  We spent 3 nights in Sydney – climbed the Harbor Bridge, visited the Taronga Zoo on a private tour, took a wine tour of the Hudson Valley, walked through the botanic gardens and did a tour of the Opera House during our time there.

From Sydney, we headed to Hamilton Island, where we stayed at a hotel that creates paradise and heaven all rolled into one for its guests.  Qualia was absolutely spectacular – we stayed there for four nights and probably could have spent the rest of our lives there.  We will absolutely be back as soon as possible.  Hamilton Island is part of the Whitsunday Islands which comprise 74 small islands off of the North Eastern coast of Australia near the Great Barrier Reef.  Of the 74 islands, six are inhabited.  During our stay there we visited Whitehaven Beach by seaplane, did some scuba on the Great Barrier Reef, picnicked on a private island and had the entire beach to ourselves for four hours, had the best massages of our lives, and basically just an all around amazing time.

Koala at Taronga Zoo – they sleep 20-22 hours per day!

View of the Reef from the helicopter we rode in!

Birdseye View of Hill Inlet – right near Whitehaven beach.

From Hamilton Island, we headed to Northern New Zealand.  New Zealand was beautiful, but literally has more cows and sheep than people – so all-in-all, not enough going on for me, considering my overwhelming need for constant stimulation.

Anyway, if you want more on the wedding and the honeymoon, please feel free to ask for more or ask specific questions, but I didn’t want to write a 40 page post on all of this stuff.  Considering this is my approach to a health/weight loss blog, I will discuss my final wedding and post-honeymoon weights.  The last time I had a chance to weigh myself before the wedding, I was 113 lbs, which is the lightest I have been since early high school – at that point I was trying to keep weight on so I didn’t have any boobie outage moments on the dance floor.  While I was in Aussie and NZ eating my heart out and stuffing my mouth with ice cream, I gained 10 lbs.  I have lost 3 so far.  I want to keep a constant weight of around 115 – 120 lbs.  Think I can do it?


Fat Girl


Questions, comments, suggestions are welcome!

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