Cesca Won.

Wow!!!! So….as we were walking into Cesca, I saw that Aaheli won the vote! I promise we will hit up some Indian next weekend. Okay – Cesca was amazing!!! Great service, super friendly waiters and waitresses and super, super good food. I had an escarole salad topped with hazelnuts and Parmesan to start and for my main, I consumed about a third of a pasta dish. It was a squid ink fettuccine with lobster and white wine sauce and some herbs! Super amazing but I could not finish nearly the whole thing and wanted save some room for dessert! I had a 20 year tawny port and profiteroles for dessert. My little hubby consumed quite a bit tonight but was super happy with everything and is currently quite a bit shitfaced (excuse my French!). On the way back from dinner, we hopped into a gypsy can with a driver from the Dominican Republic who spoke pretty much entirely Spanish and we spoke pretty much entirely drunken Spanish with him as well with a few snippets of Spanglish thrown in here and there. Just got back to the apartment and it’s about time to pass out.

Fat Girl

PS Indian next week!!






One response to “Cesca Won.

  1. Thanks for coming in to our restaurant! I’m glad you liked the food! I love your blog by the way, thanks for telling me to check it out! You and your husband are delightful!
    -Your friendly neighborhood hostess

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