Up and At ‘Em

This morning I woke up with some pretty severe drymouth, which means I probably drank too much alcohol last night and not enough water – I’m not hungover, just dehydrated.  The scale flashed an unfriendly 121.8 lbs in my face this morning – I mean it’s pretty obvious where the 1.8 lbs came from…last night’s dinner will certainly cause a little bump on your butt as well as your number.  Anyway, while my choices where a little luxurious, I was sure to ask how the pasta was made, was it made with a lot of butter/olive oil/etc?  The waiter told me that my squid ink lobster dish was made sans butter and with just a touch of olive oil so I was able to satisfy my pasta craving in the healthiest way possible.

What am I going to do today?  Well, I am going to start by brushing my teeth (yes I am typing this post with foul drymouth alchy breath – I am gross) and then I am going to head to Dean and Deluca for my daily iced coffee with two splendas and a splash of skim and a huge bottle of H2O.  I also need to tidy up our super messy apartment a bit and wrap a gift for grandma.  At some point I need to get my lumpy butt over to the gym for a quick cardio session as well.

But later today, at 1:00 pm, here is the real kicker, the hubby (let’s just call him TH from now on) and I are headed out to New Jersey to take my wonderful little dumpling of an 83 year old grandma to dinner at Natirar.  I took TH to Natirar once for one of his birthdays a few years ago.  It is a gorgeous restaurant housed in an extravagantly built mansion perched atop an enormous estate.  The mansion and estate were built and formally owned by a Moroccan prince and are now home to many bustling guests and great chefs looking to exchange dollars and cents for amazing organically and freshly prepared meals.  While everything at Natirar is really fresh and they try to source the majority of the food from the farm on the surrounding estate, everything is still quite tasty and calorie ridden.  So at 1:00 pm today, I will be mentally preparing myself on the train ride to NJ for another battle with food.  Nanny is super excited for her big night out at Natirar – we are having a limo pick all of us up and drive her out there.  This evening is a gift for her generosity with our wedding as well as a celebration of her 83rd birthday which passed while we were on our honeymoon.

Alright time to go brush my teeth, get my coffee and get to the gym before another calorie bomb is dropped on me today!


Fat Girl


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