Black and White

These two colors are so powerful and are loaded with so much meaning.  As I collect and organize the remnants of our wedding, I have stumbled upon a conundrum of sorts regarding my wedding gown.  It’s a huge white puffy dress.  Unlike my husband’s beautiful, classic navy suit, I unfortunately will not be able to wear my wedding attire again while still being regarded as a sane individual.  So here’s the question, do I have it preserved and store it an attic somewhere, have it dyed to a color I could potentially wear for a fun event and have some of the crinoline removed or dun dun dun…do I sell it?  My mother really wanted to sell her dress after her wedding as she is practical and knew that it would likely never be worn again, but her mother, my Nanny (written about in an earlier post) forbade this as she is just a super sentimental person and couldn’t bear the thought of getting rid of what is thought to be the main event at a wedding.

I am kind of torn about the whole thing…here are my thoughts.

  1. If I keep it and store it in a box somewhere, no one is deriving any value from that – seems pretty pointless to me – my mother’s dress was kept in the attic and eaten by moths – what a way to see your beautiful dress go – very depressing.
  2. If I keep it, have it dyed black or a beautiful rich navy blue and have the crinoline removed, I have a new dress to wear to a super fun black-tie event and motivation to keep the weight off; however, this will likely cost a relatively hefty sum of money.
  3. If I sell it, I will make some money, but lose the dress all together.

Please help me decide what to do about my gown!  All this thought about black and white is making me want a black and white cookie…


Fat Girl


Questions, comments, suggestions are welcome!

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