First Episode of the Last Season of an Epic NYC Show

New York City is one of those great cities the world just cannot get enough of, hence why I have decided to stick around for the past eight amazing years.

There have been so many great television series that drew me to this city as a kid such as Friends, Seinfeld and Sex and the City and there is a current T.V. hit, Gossip Girl, which premiered in September of 2007, that has been a staple in my life for the past five years.

All of my girlfriends, my sister and myself have followed the show devoutly…we are not weird diehard fans that creepily follow the actors and actresses around or anything, but it’s just a really fun show that scopes out some of the best up and coming real life restaurants, shows and things to do this great city has to offer before they are huge.  Tonight, I watched episode 1 of the last and final season – it was a sad and momentous affair, but I am looking forward to what hopefully will be an amazing final season…the first episode was a pretty good start!

So now, I bet you are all wondering what the hell this has to do with my blog…well, ladies and any gentlemen followers out there, if you have ever watched my beloved Gossip Girl, you would all understand exactly what this has to do with my blog.  Gossip Girl was my inspiration for the name of this blog, “Fat Girl” and for my little signature…

You know you love me.


Fat Girl


Questions, comments, suggestions are welcome!

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