Blue Ribbons, Fall Balls and Tandoori Spice

I have been MIA – I am sorry.  Here is an old post I started working on a while back and never actually finished…

Friday, October 12:  I left work around 6 pm, went back to my apartment, laid around for a bit and then pulled on spandex leggings, burnt sienna – colored boots and threw on a long cashmere open cardi cinched with a stretchy belt and topped it all off with floppy fedora from Ann Taylor.  After putting myself together, I opened a bottle of rosé, cranked up some Calvin Harris radio on Pandora and proceeded to dance around my living room and drink by myself until it was time to leave for Blue Ribbon Bar and Grill.  (Yes, I am a bit insane/crazy and I enjoy dancing in front of mirrors alone.)  Anyway, I met up with TH at Blue Ribbon and his college friend and girlfriend (let’s call them Bagels & Lox – his friend loves Bagel and Lox, particularly from Murray’s Bagels – they are pretty legit if you are a bit of a bagel snob.)  They are a super sweet couple and sooo smart – they can basically talk about anything because they are both so well read – I wish I could say the same for myself.  Anyway, dinner was good, but I can’t say it was particularly interesting – I thought it was pretty standard sushi and the flavors were not exactly explosive, but hey, at least I got away with one fairly healthy weekend meal.

Saturday, October 13:  I woke up with every intention of going to the gym, but somehow I just didn’t make it there.  Instead, I ended up spending basically the entire day, with my good friend who pretty much always looks perfect no matter what – long gorgeous blonde hair, perfect body, skin smooth like a doll – let’s call her Porcelain.  She just moved into a super cute apartment in a great location and we ventured out to the Bed Bath & Beyond, Marshalls and TJMaxx in Chelsea for a little decorating/organizational post-move-in shopping.

After walking around Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen all day, I arrived back my apartment at around 6:30 pm and needed to be ready for Bling and B for pre-October Ball drinks at my apartment by 8:00 pm – that is a certainly challenge, particularly when your false eye lashes are giving you a hard time.  Anyway, when the two arrived, I was still not completely finished putting myself into a presentable form and I was also 100% depending on Bling to have bow-tie-tying knowledge and expertise, but much to my dismay Bling was just as hopeless as TH (the hubby)…After about an hour of drinking wine and eating Fresh Direct pizzas, they finally managed to get these silk little ribbons tied relatively decently around their necks.

We left for the October Ball at around 9ish, arrived at about 9:30 and after too much champagne and wine (and I think a few weird artistically hung croissants available to the ball’s guests) we left the MoMA to head back to our apartments by around midnight as both B and I were buckling at our knees from inebriation.

So there you go, ladies – an update on a few weeks ago – probably much outdated now, but don’t worry…there’s a lot more to come!


Fat Girl


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