O Shoot! I forgot about the Tandoori Spice…

Totally my bad on letting that slip…I know I promised a post on Aeheli weeks ago when we decided to go to Cesca against popular opinion.

Sunday, October 14, 2012:   After a relatively heaving  night of drinking the evening prior, TH and I wanted to settle our stomachs with some heart warming and flavorful Indian food.  We tried Aeheli on 55th and 9th Avenue – and all I can say is that it was AMAZING.  Great, high-quality, no frills Indian cuisine.  The restaurant is teeny tiny and nothing super fancy or high-end, but the food is really awesome.  I had Chicken Tandoori, which is basically just grilled chicken; however it is rubbed in some spices and Indian yogurt and then baked in a clay Indian oven – a Tandoor and some Gobi Bhuna which is cauliflower tossed in a red sauce filled up with spices including cilantro (my fave and some curries – really fantastic).

Anyway, I ended escaping an Indian restaurant with a relatively healthy meal, minus any Naan I had – that stuff is just too good to resist.

Again, more to come – so much to catch you up on.


Fat Girl


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