Three Things I Love

1.  The Beach    2.  Wine    3.  My Husband

Tomorrow morning, my husband’s college friend (the Architect) and his wife (TAW – the Architect’s Wife), my husband and myself will be anxiously waiting on the corner of 47th and Lex  for our Hamptons Luxury Liner Wine Tour.

I can’t wait for a great day driving along some of the United State’s most beautiful beaches and sipping wine with my husband and two super amazing people.  TH certainly needs a day to de-stress and re-group and consume a lot of good tasting wine while letting loose with people who love him.  Things have been stressful at work with some rockiness in the stock markets and he has barely slept this week.  Along with a lack of sleep, he has continued to stick to a hardcore diet and workout regime.  What a rock.  He is one person I truly respect and admire.

Will update you on the Wine Tour tomorrow evening or Sunday morning.  Speaking of Sunday morning, let me add one more thing to my “Love List”:  MACARONS!!!!  I will be whipping up a fresh batch of vibrantly colored little circular clouds that tease your senses with my good friend who was supposed to work at Bear Stearns with me in 2008.  Can’t wait!


Fat Girl


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