So Be Good for Goodness Sake!

Now in the final three-day countdown of my pre-holiday struggle, I am sitting in front of my desktop shoving spoonfuls of Siggi’s Strained Non-fat Vanilla yogurt down my throat as I dream of sugar plum fairies, turkeys with lots of gravy, some mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Instead of dreaming about food, I am desperately pushing to flip my inner fatty switch to dream of barbells, treadmills and assisted chin-up machines.  Here’s where things get dicey…I KNOW that I should go to the gym.  I WANT to sit around in pajamas and eat huge scoops of vanilla ice cream that are violently suffocating the pumpkin pie beneath them.

Here is my resolution:  Finish my non-fat yogurt that still has some clumps left at the bottom of the cup.  Have my usual Palm Beach Shrimp salad from Chop’t for lunch.  Eat a healthy dinner.  Have some healthy snacks – maybe an Apple or Sugar-Free Jello (10 calories!).  Repeat this process tomorrow and Wednesday.  Add in a vigorous gym session tonight and tomorrow evening.  Eat like a tyrannosaurus-rex on Thanksgiving – meaning focus on the high protein stuff for dinner – devour the turkey and through in some leafy stuff – try to avoid the mashed potatoes and save my calories for the pumpkin pie that has been dancing  in my head.

I will report back tonight to let you know how well I am sticking to my plan – particularly the working out part – I am just not a fan of the gym.


Fat Girl


2 responses to “So Be Good for Goodness Sake!

  1. I find that the only motivation I have for the gym is to go to classes, spin class specifically. If you’re gym doesn’t have classes I can see the struggle to wanting to go!! Running on the dreadmill is never fun for me! You just gotta DO it and once you do, you’ll feel great!

  2. Agreed! Classes are so important and I absolutely love spinning! Love “dreadmill” – that is great! Check out this post for some great tips on weight loss/healthy diet!

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