Going Gluten Free

loaves-of-breadI am NOT, I repeat NOT, going Gluten Free – I think that if I didn’t have super unhealthy carbs loaded with gluten, I would just keel over drop dead.  I LOVE pasta, good hearty French bread with just the right amount of salt, and all other terrible carbs.

While I am not going gluten free, I know many people who try to avoid gluten either because of health-related issues or because it really is just horrendously atrocious for you.  The body has a ridiculously hard time breaking down gluten, processing it and getting it through your system for a nice healthy poop.  You can read some info about it all here or just do a google search or do a self experiment – try cutting out gluten products for a week and see how you feel physically – you will likely feel much better…whenever I cut back on this nasty little protein, I certainly do feel better physically but I have emotional withdrawal and then want to stuff my mouth with croissants for a year straight.

Anyway, the point of this blurb is that I found an awesome recipe for all your pancake lovers out there.  I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love pancakes.  First off, they bring me back to Sunday mornings as a child.  Every Sunday, my dad would wake up, go to the bakery in town load up on tons of sugary garbage that mom wouldn’t allow in our house on a normal week day and then come back to the house, whip up a batch of fresh pancakes (with butter and fresh maple syrup) and then my sister and I would dig in like ravenous dogs that had been starved for a year.  (My mom kept a very healthy kitchen so my sister and I had a tendency to get overwhelmingly excited about anything with sugar.)  Secondly, pancakes just taste good and they are an excuse to start a day with dessert – life just doesn’t get much better that.

My good girl friend from Philadelphia is turning 27 on Friday, December 7 and she may be spending the weekend in NYC – she is gluten free for health reasons…I started looking at gluten free recipes to potentially make for her if she ends up coming up.  Here is the gluten free pancake recipe – not only is it gluten free, it is 100% natural – check it out!

Pancake Recipe

I’ll let you know how the test run goes, but if you get to it first, let me know how it goes!


Fat Girl


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