This is rude but…

…Christina Aguilera is a heinous, uncreative bitch obsessed with other brainless foofoos who only have pop vocal abilities…

I know, that was a harsh statement, but I have to say, I am a huge fan of Melanie Martinez on the Voice. Melanie is a sweet 17 year old girl from New York who is a highly creative and blatantly thoughtful individual. Her performances on the Voice indicate that she is a very talented and intellectual individual who may not “fit in” with other 17 year olds due to here half dyed head of hair, but I believe that these are the people who end up setting trends, leading nations and creating some of the best and most enjoyable things in life.

After Melanie’s December 3rd performance of “The Show”, Christina Aguilera, whom never gives Melanie nice comments, was full of a special form of a**hole. First off, instead of actually commenting on Melanie’s performances, Christina typically makes some stupid comment on how Melanie gets great props and gives kudos to the guy who does set design…ummm…HELLOOOOO CHRISTINA – THE NAME OF THE SHOW IS “THE VOICE” NOT “THE PROPS” or “THE SET DESIGN”. Secondly, since Christina never ever says anything nice to Melanie (who I think is already pretty harsh on herself), Melanie was clearly already prepared for some kind a-hole-ish comment from Christina and likely felt like her performance wasn’t super stellar (it wasn’t – I’ve seen her do better) and as she was awaiting Christina’s commentary her eyes started swell a little – she then turned her head and Christina starts mouthing off about how Melanie isn’t looking at her…Yeah, you dumb bitch – she’s not looking at you because your heinous, you’re terrible to look at and you are just plain MEAN!!! Just because Melanie doesn’t want hot pink streaks in her hair and most likely would not have liked “Genie in a Bottle” had it come out when she was 17, doesn’t mean that you have to be a “mean girl” to her.

The reason I am getting so heated and writing about this tonight is because I relate to Melanie. She has said on the show numerous times that she has often felt like an outsider…and I have been there too. In fact, I think that many women often feel like outsiders, often times because of other women – other dumb ass women like Christina. Sure, she knows how to put on a corset, spread her legs for managers and cameras alike and belt out a note or two, but I don’t think Christina has ever really thought about what it means to accept others for being who they are. Melanie has some real spunk and it should be embraced not be stomped on.

To all the Fat Girl friends out there and all the non Fat Girl friends, keep on being your weird ass, quirky selves because that’s the spice of life – that’s what makes the world go round – that’s what makes watching T.V. shows like the Voice different.


Fat Girl

P.S. I quite literally got heated – this got me so upset, my whole body started to heat up – I am a weirdly passionate person…


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