What’s Good in Washington D.C.?

washington-dc-fireworksTH and I are planning a little trip down to our great nation’s capital over the New Year holiday weekend (Saturday December 29 through Tuesday January 1) and we need good tips on where to go to dinner, what event to attend to actually ring in the New Year, etc.

Since I am New York-centric to a terrible fault, I really don’t much about what’s “hip” and fun in the land of politicians and white houses.  We are staying at The Madison so options in the downtown area or surrounding neighborhood would be ideal.

Some options I am currently looking at for our NYE dinner below…

If you have been to any of these or like one in particular, please send in your vote below!

We would really appreciate any recommendations or suggestions for great D.C. restaurants and fun NYE activities!


Fat Girl


5 responses to “What’s Good in Washington D.C.?

  1. Hi Fat Girl, great blog! Sounds like you are going to have a fun NYE! Whatever restaurant you choose, let us know how you and TH liked it with a review!

  2. I’ve been to Brasserie Beck, it’s quite delicious. Can’t speak to the others. For other, non-NYE dinner options, Jaleo is always a good option (Spanish tapas).

    • Hi Someone!
      Thanks so much for the info – do you think Brasserie Beck is good for New Year’s Eve? I want to be a bit dressed up so I don’t want to show up to a super casual place all decked out in my New Year’s Eve finest.
      Fat Girl

      • Read your blog too late. Oya would have been a good choice, only 5 min walk from Brasserie Beck. Many other good places in this area, most of them more upscale. Perfect if you wanna dress up a bit.

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