When Yoga Pants…


…are basically the only pants in your wardrobe that fit you comfortably, you know that alas, that pesky little notion of Karma (every action has a reaction) has set in.  Due to my complete lack of yoga, exercise, etc. over the past few weeks, my booty has reacted to my neglect and barely squeezes into my skirts, fitted dresses, and jeans.  

On Saturday night, I attended a launch party for the Building Blocks of Change, a charity group helping lay sustainable infrastructure in developing nations.  It was your typical NYC social scene: tons of ultra skinny, extremely beautiful women with flawless skin trotting around in beautiful dresses, a photo screen at the entrance with photographers clamoring to get every guest’s photo and cute, impeccably-groomed, gay waiters serving champagne, wine and small hors d’oeurves.  

As I posed for a photo feeling extremely uncomfortable in my fat-cell-padded body while standing next to some of my gorgeous and super toned friends, I couldn’t help but thinking about a potential double chin, if my arms looked extra jiggly, and how fat my cheeks looked (I have a super wide face with plump, chubby cheeks).  Yesterday, I went online to check out the photos, and just as I had guessed, I certainly do not look my best, but I don’t look as terrible as I thought I would at the time.

Anyhow, the daunting events of Saturday have prodded me like a hot pitch fork to get me back on track and back to the gym.

So far this week, it’s been going well – I got to Yoga Vida on 12th and University place last night, went to the gym this morning and I am headed to FlyWheel (spin) class tonight on the Upper West Side.  Tomorrow, I am off to a Revolve (new spin studio in NYC) class in the morning and then taking a workout breather at night.  I have scheduled sessions for every other day this week (including Saturday and Sunday) and I intend to stick to my plans!

The warm weather and teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot bikinis are just around the corner, so I better get my jiggly arms into toned and fighting-worthy condition.  Hopefully in a few weeks, my jeans will fit as well my yoga pants.  🙂

Any good recommendations for exciting new ways to pump out my workout or good music for hamster sessions at the gym, please send them my way!


Fat Girl


2 responses to “When Yoga Pants…

  1. 2 recs for you, both of which I’d happy accompany you to if I was even a teensy bit closer to NYC:
    1. Refine Method! Do it!
    2. Lindi from Physique 57 just started a new dance cardio workout called DMF (http://dmfnyc.com/) which sounds like a calorie-torching blast. I’ve heard good things so far.

  2. Thank you Mariell! I will check these out and report back! Hope all is well! Xo

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