I grew up in Colts Neck, NJ, a small more rural than suburban town in east central New Jersey.  I was always itching for excitement, and finally I got it when I started my undergraduate career at Barnard College of Columbia University in September of 2004.  During college, I was surrounded by so many interesting women and most of them were extremely thin.  I started school at a curvy but thin 120 lb 5 foot 6 inches.  At the end of my freshman year, I had gained 20 lbs making all my fat, skin, and muscle total a whopping 140 lbs.  My weight fluctuated over my four years in college, and every time it rocketed past 130 lbs, I felt miserable.

I started this blog in 2010 (two years after graduating from college) while working in New York City’s finance world at an uncomfortable 135 lbs.  Since then, I have chronicled my rocky road to a steady 120 – 125 lbs (my current weight is 124 lbs – as of November 19, 2012) and my musings and wanderings mostly throughout New York City in addition to a few international experiences.

I have made a commitment to sustain a weight that I am comfortable and confident at (125 lbs), and to inspire other women out there who have similar feelings about the societal environment that fosters a ridiculous expectation of women – to be successful at work, cookie-baking, vacuuming-smiling mothers, stick skinny, always have perfect hair and perfect nails, etc.  Sometimes, I feel like it is just not fair!  You flip on the t.v. or through the pages of a magazine and every woman is perfect; however, that is completely not the case with men featured in our media – they can be bald, fat, hairy, etc – as long as they are funny or smart, it is acceptable.  I am writing this blog to crack that pervasive view in our society – I want women to feel okay with not being perfect, because, after all, it is quite normal to have imperfections.

I hope you have fun following my musings!


Fat Girl