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A Badge of Booty


As you may or may not know, the Girl Scouts of America sell their cookies, do community service and find other ways to add to our society – if they do so successfully, they win badges that go on their vests and little sash things (like the girls you see in the photo above.)  If I were a Girl Scout, I would certainly win the badge for “Enormous Jello Butt” as I have recently picked up an order of Girl Scout cookies from a co-worker at my office and proceeded to stuff my face with half a sleeve of Thin Mints.

Since my wedding, my body has expanded tremendously – my tatonga melons (as my husband refers to them) have swollen to the size of large grapefruits during the height of winter season and the cheeks on my face as well as the ones covered by my clothes have grown large enough to store acorns like a little chipmunk and large enough to make it clap, respectively.  Due to my unwanted body growth, I have been remiss in my posting updates because the fat that is taking over my body has also begun to take over my spirit – I don’t know if it’s the winter blues or the winter munchies or a combo of both, but I am just really tired and unmotivated lately.  I have little desire to leave my apartment, let alone put on a constricting sports bra and drag myself to the gym (although I have been trying to do so more recently, and have been relatively successful) and write to the world about my glorious workout and healthy eating regime because it just doesn’t exist right now.  I do extend my apologies to all my Fat Girl followers for my absence from the blogging world.

I guess what I need to take away from this Girl Scout cookie binge is the positiveness and overall drive of the organization (rather than their tasty and fattening little treats).  While I chow down on my next cookie, I will think positive thoughts, try to get myself to the gym tonight and try to keep up on my posts.  I love all you ladies out there who lose all self control around a Thin Mint (or a Tagalong.)


Fat Girl


Food Tour in Austin

First off, let me say that while this weekend started out okay in terms of calorie intake and food bombs exploding in my direction, I progressed into war zone territory as the weekend continued.  I am now back in New York City, feeling officially defeaten by all the sugar, fat and goodies I have succumbed to while in Austin.

Yesterday, TH brought me to the South Congress area of Austin where we took in Austin’s “weirdness”, tried some Trailer Park food, and just enjoyed the sights and culture Austin has to offer.  This area is by far one of Austin’s coolest and just weirdest areas.  The streets are sprinkled with Food Trailers and cool musicians showing off their talent to passersby.  I am going to take you there with all the photos I’ve taken…please keep reading on.

When we pulled up, this was the first thing that caught my attention…

This costumed zebra was enormous and perched high above the store “Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds”, a costume and vintage shop across from a Baptist Church.

After parking the car and deciding whether or not I needed my coat on that brisk Austin day, we headed over to Austin’s most famous food trailer park, which is home to the “Hey Cupcake” trailer.  We actually know someone who attended business school with a student who decided to save this company as part of her coursework while in business school.

Here is a fun little video from Hey Cupcake’s website and below that you can peruse through my photographs from my experience there – I would highly recommend these cupcakes – soft, fluffy and perfectly sweetened!

Top: “Hey Cupcake” trailer – beautiful and shiny spitting out perfectly crafted little fluffy puffs that will tickle your palette and warm your heart, On the bottom right: Two cupcakes – one for moi and one for my lover butt – I had the Pumpkinator and he had the 24 Carrot! So delish! Bottom Left: Singing cowboy who sits next to the cupcake truck and strums out tunes from the 1970s making you feel like you are back in time while you lick up all the icing on your mini-cake!

After Hey Cupcake, we made our way through the Food Trailer park and I found these cute signs – I thought they were witty and fun.  You can actually see TH’s legs and torso in the Trailer Trash photo.  😉

From Top Left: “The Trailer Perk” – A cute little coffee trailer, “Little Big Mike’s” – A competitor of Homeslice, which I will discuss momentarily, plus I like the name Mike 😉 “Trailer Trash” – so so cute! I am happy people are very conscious about recycling and keeping Austin neat and clean, and last but not least a sign on the Fried Pickles trailer – love it! I am never calling anything fried again!

After photographing like crazy, I got a little hungry so we stopped at Home Slice, a “New York Style” (it was really New Jersey, but NJ doesn’t sell so of course they were going to call it NY) pizzeria!  It was by far the best pizza I have ever had outside of New York/New Jersey.  Really yummy.  Cool pictures of their signs below…

After scarfing down “NY-Style” pizza, which I must reiterate was pretty gosh darn good, we found some Trailer SHOPPING!!!!  Sooo freakin’ cool.  I bought a necklace and sunglasses for my little sister (she is studying to become a gastro – poop doctor in laymans terms) and a necklace and sunglasses for myself!  Everything was super hip and trendy.  LOVE IT.
Curb Service Trailer StoreAfter the trailer shops, we headed on north on South Congress avenue up to an old fashioned candy shop.  On the way we passed a cafe with doors that looked like they were out of an old western movie…pictures below.

This place was so cool – I have tons of other photos from here…I even have pictures from inside the bathroom. It was heaven for me – sugar and sweets everywhere and just so much to look at which is why I forgot to try something in there – I was just too preoccupied looking around. It was for the ADD child hyped on ice cream and lollipops for sure and I WAS LOVIN’ IT! If you want to see the bathroom pics, let me know and I will post those too – there are no shots of me peeing, don’t get worried now!

After a full and fun day exploring this super “weird” side of Austin, TH and I ventured out to his friend’s house in Pfluggerville, TX for some tacos and beer (as if we needed anymore food at that point).  It was an awesome day and a great Thanksgiving weekend.  Now it is time to unpack, regroup and prepare for the work week ahead, the daily grind of New York City, the holiday bustle and many rexies wandering the streets.

More to come this week!


Fat Girl

The Morning After

Today I woke up feeling like I am hungover from carbohydrates. I didn’t drink any alcoholic drinks last night as I wanted to be fully aware of how much crap I was shoving down my throat.

Prior to dinner, I filled up on a lot of water and raw veggies. During dinner, I managed to limit myself to small portions of the bad stuff (potatoes, etc) and stuck primarily to turkey and chicken. The tides turned when dessert was brought out and my sweet tooth got the better of me. I am a total sucker for cookies and there were some awesome cookies staring me straight in the eye beckoning me to come closer and eat them up! I probably had about seven or eight small cookies and I feel like I have sugar hangover in addition to being ashamed of my lack of will power.

I guess I just need to get up, pull on some spandex pants and slip into a sports bra and do the “walk of shame” over to the gym. As I lay in bed writing my second post of the week on my iPhone, I am wondering how many lbs I put on and if I have a severe food baby lurking around in my stomach.

Today will be a day of detox and good health!

Fat Girl

Happy Turkey Day!!

Last night, TH and I touched down in Austin, Texas at 8:15 pm (our flight was actually on time – total shocker). We were greeted by TH’s super warm and loving parents, Lovely L (his mom) and BZ (his dad). It is kind of weird to adjust to the fact that they are now my family too, my in-laws! But, I guess at the same time it is a pretty natural switch. I feel so at ease with them and I am truly lucky to have married into such a beautiful family. That is certainly something to be thankful for.

They whisked us off and took us to a well-known Mexican restaurant, Chuys. Way to start off an already unhealthy weekend with bang! I tried to be relatively good there by limiting my tortilla chip intake and by totally ignoring my rice. I ordered grilled chicken soft tacos and just loaded them up with a ton of pico de gallo (commonly referred to as salsa fresca in TX), lettuce and a touch of guacamole. The worst part of the meal was likely the sopapillas – kind of like a Mexican version of an Italian zeppole – fried dough with cinnamon powdered sugar – now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! (I’m a bad little fat girl).

Today, I am writing this post on my iPhone in bed listening to my husbands rhythmic breath as he catches up on some much needed sleep. When I have hit the publish button, I am going to hop out of bed, change into gym clothes, swoop my hair back into a pony tail and get my big giggly booty to the gym. I LOVE going to the gym down here – it is like a playground for adults. 1. It is enormous. 2. It has like four or five pools, a jacuzzi, a sauna, basketball courts and a lot o super in shape people roaming around inspiring me to push harder.

After I get in a decent workout, I am planning on heading to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for an awesome holiday drink I concocted about two years ago – Apple Cider Sangria! It is super tasty and great for the entire holiday season – recipe below:

1.5 bottles of white wine
2.5 cups of apple cider
4 red apples (sliced into wedges – leave skin on)
1 orange (sliced into pretty round discs)
1/2 cup of Grand Marnier
1 tablespoon of cinnamon
1/4 cup of real maple syrup

Cut your apples and drop them into a pitcher. Any sort of red apple works – Granny Smith is too tart for this, but if you want to use something with lower sugar go for Gala or Fuji. Dump in all of your liquid ingredients (Grand Marnier, Wine and Apple Cider). Add the syrup and cinnamon and mix. Leave brewing in the fridge for three hours or more. Before serving insert the oranges into the sides of the pitcher for decoration. Voila! A wonderful adult beverage to enjoy by the fire!

We will be spending the evening at TH’s best friend’s parent’s house. They are from Poland and they are amazing cooks so I am looking forward to a little Polish infusion into this great American holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Lots of love to you and yours.

Fat Girl

No Peaks & Fragile Shells

So I came home from work today thinking about the mango and jasmine macarons I made yesterday…we worked all day long on Sunday to make our sweet little meringue morsels as perfect as could be, but we ended up with peaked shells, which is an undesirable trait in a macaron.

So today I picked myself up and tried again to quote the late hip hop artist, Aaliyah.  I arrived at my apartment, rolled up my sleeves, pulled out my baking gear and got to it.  After sifting my almond flour and powdered sugar (110 grams and 200 grams, respectively), I beat my egg whites (90 grams) and my granulated sugar (35 grams) into a beautiful cloudy foam.  I then churned and rechurned the meringue into my almond-sugar mixture and added in some pink powdered food coloring.  I stuffed an Ateco disposable piping back full of my sweet lumpy mixture and piped these babies out onto some non-stick parchment paper and threw them into my convection oven at 280 degrees for 15 minutes.

Upon taking my tiny pink polka dots out of the oven, I sighed again as these were nearly perfect but the shells were sooo delicate I could barely hold them to pipe on my rose buttercream (which I have now perfected!)

These look pretty good, but I am going to keep trying until I get the strong, perfectly smooth, glossy shells that those damn Frenchies have perfected over the past 400 years.

I am going to bring these babies into work tomorrow for my co-workers to snack on, as I cannot stuff my face with buttercream pre-Thanksgiving.  While, I did not make it to the gym tonight, I managed to eat a healthy dinner and have an overall really healthy day.  Here’s hoping to continue the trend.


Fat Girl

Maybe she’s back (from the past? from Greece? for good?)…

Dear my lovely ladies of NYC, America, and the remainder of the internet accessible world,

Again, terribly sorry not to have written in ages, but as mentioned in my prior posts, life as an investment banker is unfortunately consuming my life and my ass. My butt cheeks multiply ten fold everyday and have pretty much surpassed the bounds of all of my jeans (except one amazing pair that I can still manage to squeeze my big booty into). My goals of 125 lbs are completely out of sight at this point, and at this juncture I would be thoroughly elated to step on the scale and see the numbers 1-3-5. My gelatinous cheeks are jiggling at a whopping ~142 lbs, despite my desperately healthy eating habits. I try to consume enough fibers, greens, healthy s*** that don’t taste good to keep the jiggle to a minimum, but despite my best efforts I live on an island with temptation at every twist, turn, corner and spotting of another leggy 6’2″ rexie, thus it can be ever so difficult to avoid the amazingly delectable cuisines perfected all over the world that have been brought to the lips of my fellow non-rexie (and possibly a few rexie) New York ladies. In addition to constant temptation, a boy friend who is completely love blind and thinks I’m still “sexy”, and working from 7 am till 8 or 9 pm on an early night, I have barely made it to the gym.

Around three weeks ago, the bf and I returned from an amazing 10 day trip to Athens, Rhodes, and Santorini, Greece. Before Greece, I was trying to get to the gym every few days per week so as not to be the only beached American whale displaying her rolls on the beach for all those beautiful Euro bodies to see. While we were there, we didn’t worry about what we ate, we drove around the islands all day, we relaxed on beaches AND…..


Now we are back in the states, and again, it appears that we are both packing on the pounds despite eating healthy. Part of me really believes that one of the main contributors to the great American weight problem and the constant struggle of so many women is due to the corrupt and completely disgusting nature of our food industry. I think the key word in that sentence is “industry”. The fact that I described our food system as an industry is the nucleus of this problem. Nothing we consume in this country is untouched by science, chemicals and technology, and while I am a huge supporter of all three of the aforementioned realms of human existence, I don’t necessarily know if my feelings towards combining them with what I put into my body are positive ones.

Well, that was probably an unnecessarily long political blurb on the nature of the food industry in our country, but I think its good for people to be at least aware if not educated regarding what they put into their mouths every single day. A good, entertaining book to read if you’d like to learn more/be completely appalled is Skinny Bitch. While Skinny Bitch, is at its core an attempt to turn all women lusting after long, thin thighs into a vegan (which will never happen for me), it is certainly funny, thought-provoking, and interesting, particularly if you have ever wondered where your food actually comes from or what its actually made of. That being said (errr written), I don’t recommend reading it if you are faint of heart or have the potential to get grossed out easily.

Okay, there’s a lot more to update you on outside of the American food problem – I definitely will include more snippets of my amazing time in Greece, but in the mean time, please have fun browsing some awe inspiring pictures and hopefully in my next post I can upload some of my new favorite Euro workout songs! I am trying to get on and write once a week, so if I’m remiss in my promises please shoot me a line and tell me to WRITE!!!!

Fat Girl

And she’s back…

Hi All,

So sorry for being remiss in my broadcast to the virtual world regarding my adventures as a normal girl trying to keep fit and slim in this crazy city full of bony rexies! So….I have started my job as an investment banker and as I projected in an earlier post, getting to the gym, a full serving of fruits and veggies, and access to healthy eating options is quite the challenge. Therefore, I have inevitably pushed up the numbers on the scale a little bit over the past three months. Now hovering around the 140 lb zone, I cannot wait till I finish up taking all the required exams I need so that I can focus on my health a bit more. (My last exam required for me to continue working in this role is scheduled for tomorrow at 9 am – if I don’t pass, I’m done. No pressure!)

Working around 14 – 16 hours a day leaves little time for socializing, sleeping, taking my clothes to the dry cleaners, running errands, etc. So in all those things that I consider a necessary part of life, it can be hard to make the time to drag myself to the G-Y-M. Yuck – when I have a few hours or get out of work at 8 o’clock on a beautiful summer night, the last thing I want to do is crawl onto an old stinky treadmill at New York’s cheapest gym (I’m a member of NYSC) and sweat and pant like a hamster in a wheel. I would much rather sit outside at a little eatery on a NY sidewalk and people watch with a cheese plate and glass of Pinot Grigio. But wouldn’t we all?

No! Not the rexie, she despises the thought of having to sit at a bar with a glass of wine and a cheese plate as those are all the calories she could consume for an entire week – she would much rather take those few rare snippets of time and climb the stairmaster for two hours after which she might do a routine of free weights and 300 situps accompanied by 10 vinyasa flow sequencies! Ahhhh…where is my inner rexie?

Guess I just don’t have one…While I still want to get to that 125 lb goal, the more time that goes by, the more I start to realize that a healthier option for me might be to get comfortable with myself at 130 lbs which is probably a more attainable and realistic goal for me particularly in my new role.

Well, for all you fat girls out there (and skinny ones), just remember to love your body because no matter what the Maybeline commercials tell you, you were born with it. We are all beautiful, even those of us who have a little too much jiggle in our badunks, big noses, acne, etc…That’s what makes us all beautiful – our imperfections.

Lots of love for my Manhattan ladies as well as my ladies who have scattered all over the US.

Fat Girl

P.S. I will certainly try to make the next post come a little faster!

Off to Las Vegas for the Weekend!

Hi All,

I’m all set to jet to the land of overdone frivolities and activities deemed illegal in most American states – not exactly my thing, but I know my good friend College will make it worth my while – she never fails to keep me entertained. What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas for me – so check back after the weekend to get a full synopsis of the trip, although it will probably put you to sleep. College and I are making the trek out there and plan on doing pretty much nothing but relaxing at the pool and reading trashy gossip mags.

As for my week…The bf made it back from Europe this on Monday despite the huge cloud of volcanic ash that was encompassing the planet. I was at a fundraiser at Cipriani’s Wall Street when he landed eating filet mignon, potatoes, and zucchini while simultaneously reveling in their exquisite peach bellinis. Throughout the remainder of the week, we kind of piggied it up a little to celebrate both of our upcoming professional transitions (he’s starting at a huge hedge fund next Monday).

Last night we hit up Union Square Cafe, a classic favorite of the old school New Yorker. This was our first time there and the place was lined with salt-and-peppered Wall Street types in Hermes ties and botoxed middle-aged rexies carrying beautiful lamb skin Chanel bags. We had a full four course dinner accompanied by Prosecco for me and girly cocktails for him (a pink/fruity cocktail is the bf’s trademark).

All in all, the week has been a whirl wind of great food and fortunately, I have not buoyed up on the scale but have maintained a weight which has hovered around 134 – 136 lbs this week. I would have liked to lose a pound or two – but we can’t have it all!

If any of my fatty foodie friends out there have any great recs for restaurants in Vegas, give me a shout! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Fat Girl

Secret Doorbells, Champagne, and Cheeseburgers

Can you guess where I ate dinner last night? Shhhhh….quiet! Sidecar is this semi-secret little arsenal of throwback steakhouses above the PJ Clark’s in Midtown East, and it’s also where I joined my roomie, good friend since my first day of college (let’s call her College), and her wonderful boyfriend (let’s call him Naked Baby – College keeps a naked baby picture of him on her iphone) to celebrate a new chapter in my life.

I recently accepted an offer to work for a bulge bracket firm (I’m in finance – don’t think I’ve told you all about that yet – part of the reason I got fat! no time to work out or leave my desk!) in their investment banking group. Upon graduating, it was my intent to join another firm in their banking division; however, that firm was unfortunately unable to keep afloat in the tumultuous times of 2008. As a senior in the middle of my second semester, I had to quickly scramble and get back on that interview horse to find another position so that I did not have to sleep in cardboard box in Grand Central. Fortunately, I landed on my feet and worked at a firm that gave me a lot of great exposure and experiences. I learned a lot while I was there and enjoyed my time working in marketing on the “buy side” (finance term for hedge funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds, etc), but I am really excited to get back on the track I had originally planned on. This new role will consume even more of my time and will probably lead me to eat more crappy food but hopefully all my fellow fatties will keep me on track!

Anyway, my eating habits overall yesterday were very good with the exception of my little celebratory dinner! I had two glasses of Veuve C., half a cheeseburger, and tons of onion strings (they are addictive!). Wish me all luck as I embark on this new adventure!

Fat Girl

P.S. Sorry for the excessive presence of exclamation points in this post – I am very, very excited and happy.

Raw, Loud, and Lewd

So last night, I joined some friends, my very conservative boyfriend, and his artsy college roomate for dinner on the Upper West Side for an evening of raw fish, loud conversation (my voice tends to carry), and lewd comments (most of which were my contribution). We all started with two huge heaping bowls of edamame and discussion centered around my new blog, which you are reading right now. My two girlfriends, T and A (I’ll keep names to first initial only to protect the identities of my friends….side-note: T&A = Tits and Ass – hahaha – I crack myself up/I have the maturity level of a five year old) greeted me with a very warm, “Hey Fat Girl!” and then we proceeded to order our booze laden with unnecessary calories. While, I am not one to drink in order to loosen myself up as I am usually very comfortable, I feel that a little caloric intake from alcohol can often add to the mystique of an evening – and indeed our Pinot Grigios and Grapefruit Martinis did just that. As my martini glass approached bottom, my comments became more inappropriate, and eventually I was obnoxiously making (according to the aforementioned bf) “too loud” references to quinbys and other oddities that the bf was first embarrassed by, then angered by, and eventually compelled enough to publicly note, “Such topics should never be discussed at the dinner table and no one would disagree.” While our company did not disagree with him no one agreed either. Part of my draw is my non-functioning filter on my brain – when in social situations I do not feel the need to conform to our society’s dictation of what is and what isn’t deemed acceptable. I much prefer to say whatever pops into my head at any given moment, and I do admit that I often enjoy the shock factor associated with what comes from my bouche.

Okay, so this actually is a blog about losing weight…I promise that I won’t recap every evening in excruciating detail unless there is a demand for that (if you enjoy reading about my evenings, let me know – there’s plenty more where that came from) . Getting back to food, diet, feeling like the fattest person in a Japanese run restaurant stocked with an all too skinny wait staff – I was a very good girl last night (aside from my inappropriate behavior and Grapefruit martini) and consumed only the martini, edamame (which has a very low point value on Weight Watchers), miso soup (2 pts on WW), and a bunch of raw salmon (approx 4 pts total on WW), so to be conservative I’ll estimate that dinner was 10 pts – I’m allowed 20 pts per day according to WW. So dinner was about half of my allotment for the entire day – it’s a good thing Tits and Ass saved me from a severe yearning for a sugary Magnolia cupcake only 1 block south of the restaurant we were at.

I thankfully avoided Magnolia because Ass and my bf’s roommate really hit it off at dinner (they both run in the media/press world), and Tits and I wanted to continue to create sparks between the two so we ran off to a wine bar after sushi. Unfortunately the artsy man writer had to get home to focus on some work so the evening ended early, but hopefully there will be some more dinners soon for Ass and Artsy Writer Man – there is a very “Yenta” side to me. I love seeing love blossom. Speaking of blossoms, I still have not kicked the Magnolia craving – I will always be a loud, lewd fat girl at heart.

Fat Girl