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Happy Turkey Day!!

Last night, TH and I touched down in Austin, Texas at 8:15 pm (our flight was actually on time – total shocker). We were greeted by TH’s super warm and loving parents, Lovely L (his mom) and BZ (his dad). It is kind of weird to adjust to the fact that they are now my family too, my in-laws! But, I guess at the same time it is a pretty natural switch. I feel so at ease with them and I am truly lucky to have married into such a beautiful family. That is certainly something to be thankful for.

They whisked us off and took us to a well-known Mexican restaurant, Chuys. Way to start off an already unhealthy weekend with bang! I tried to be relatively good there by limiting my tortilla chip intake and by totally ignoring my rice. I ordered grilled chicken soft tacos and just loaded them up with a ton of pico de gallo (commonly referred to as salsa fresca in TX), lettuce and a touch of guacamole. The worst part of the meal was likely the sopapillas – kind of like a Mexican version of an Italian zeppole – fried dough with cinnamon powdered sugar – now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! (I’m a bad little fat girl).

Today, I am writing this post on my iPhone in bed listening to my husbands rhythmic breath as he catches up on some much needed sleep. When I have hit the publish button, I am going to hop out of bed, change into gym clothes, swoop my hair back into a pony tail and get my big giggly booty to the gym. I LOVE going to the gym down here – it is like a playground for adults. 1. It is enormous. 2. It has like four or five pools, a jacuzzi, a sauna, basketball courts and a lot o super in shape people roaming around inspiring me to push harder.

After I get in a decent workout, I am planning on heading to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for an awesome holiday drink I concocted about two years ago – Apple Cider Sangria! It is super tasty and great for the entire holiday season – recipe below:

1.5 bottles of white wine
2.5 cups of apple cider
4 red apples (sliced into wedges – leave skin on)
1 orange (sliced into pretty round discs)
1/2 cup of Grand Marnier
1 tablespoon of cinnamon
1/4 cup of real maple syrup

Cut your apples and drop them into a pitcher. Any sort of red apple works – Granny Smith is too tart for this, but if you want to use something with lower sugar go for Gala or Fuji. Dump in all of your liquid ingredients (Grand Marnier, Wine and Apple Cider). Add the syrup and cinnamon and mix. Leave brewing in the fridge for three hours or more. Before serving insert the oranges into the sides of the pitcher for decoration. Voila! A wonderful adult beverage to enjoy by the fire!

We will be spending the evening at TH’s best friend’s parent’s house. They are from Poland and they are amazing cooks so I am looking forward to a little Polish infusion into this great American holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Lots of love to you and yours.

Fat Girl


The Big Numero Dos

This past week was a pretty good one – worked hard, ate well, worked out at 5 am, worked out in the evenings and looked forward to a very exciting weekend. While looking forward to something special is generally a good feeling, the weekend was primarily a surprise planned by my bf and anyone who knows me can tell you that I am the most antsy, impatient, little-kid when it comes to surprises and not just for immature reasons. My bf planned a Saturday of activities in celebration of our 2 year anniversary; however, he would not let me in on what he had planned, so I had to guesstimate on what to wear, which any girl can tell you can be an absolutely tedious chore particularly when one doesn’t know what to dress for: **Jeans? Leggings with boots? Boots at all? If boots, are uggs too casual? Can I wear nice leather boots or will they get ruined? What if we are apple picking? Okay, maybe just nasty sneakers? No, can’t do that – will totally ruin a cute outfit and what could be great pictures!** – those are just some of thoughts that run through my mind when I am not given enough information to plan an outfit – in fact, they tend to be the thoughts that run through my mind even when I do know where I’m going, and when I don’t those thoughts come faster and at triple the volume – what a raucous in my head.

Okay, so enough of clothing conundrums – the weekend, despite not knowing what to wear was absolutely amazing. The bf did a spectacular job and deserves a pat on the back.

Schedule for our special day was as follows:

8:30 am – Wake up, shower, get dressed
9:20 am – Depart from Grand Central on Metro North – I still had no clue where we were going at this point
9:45ish am – The train stops in the Bronx and the bf instructs me to get off – we were at the Bronx Botanical Gardens and spent the day touring the grounds (I enjoyed the rose garden most, sounds corny, but it is absolutely beautiful and the roses have the most magnificent aroma) and enjoying the Edible Garden exhibit which is an annual summer through early fall program. The Edible Garden program invites local vendors to set up tend with samples in order to educate consumers about local foods as well as promote their products – needless to say, we had to get something, so the bf bought a jar of peanut butter which I then had to lug around in my already heavy handbag for the rest of the day; however, he is a total sweetie and carried it for my when my shoulder got tired. We also saw Bill Telepan give a cooking demonstration which was awesome! He made this squash gnocchi which seems relatively easy and quick to make so maybe at my next dinner party or possibly for Thanksgiving at my parents house I will whip up some of that – though it is definitely not on my list of good little fat girl foods.
1:25 pm – We left the Bronx Botanical Gardens to make a 2 pm Billy Elliot matinee
2:00 pm – Billy Elliot – amazing show – those poor little kids must sleep less than I do or they are just gifted freaks of nature – I would highly recommend it
5:00 pm – Left the theatre and the madness that is Times Square and proceeded back to the bf’s apt so we could get ready for dinner. While I was showering, blow drying, curling, make-uping, debating between dark gray tights or black tights, steal gray silk dress with bell sleeves or black sweater dress with silk ruffle collar, boots or pumps, the bf was busy putting together yet another a super thoughtful experience for me in the kitchen. When he was all set he had me come out to freshly baked crab cakes and Cupcakes by Melissa (right on 14th btw 5th and University Place – my new favorite cupcake spot in the city) with a number 2 candle burning in the middle of all the cupcakes. He then brought out a beautiful gift bag with lots of tissue paper that had this J. Crew flannel tunic I was dying for (which I’m actually wearing as I write – it is soooo comfy) and a very romantic/cute/funny card with a poem he wrote summing up our relationship on the inside.
8:00 pm – We took some pictures at his apartment, hopped in a cab and zipped up to the Oak Bar at the Plaza for a pre-dinner drink and some yellow-tail tacos. He planned the Oak Bar pre-dinner drinks as we had a night almost two years ago there that was pretty much perfect. We were just starting to really fall for each other at that point, and just as a cheesy rom-com would go, we were seated in the exact same spot.
9:30 pm – Dinner at Milos, an acclaimed Greek restaurant on 55th between 6th and 7th – would definitely recommend this spot. It is like a little piece of Santorini nestled into midtown Manhattan. There is a fish market within the restaurant where you can chose your fish before you eat it, similar to the way restaurants operate in Santorini. Beautiful dinner. At dinner, the bf gave me two post-dinner options – either an SNL cast after party or Juvenex (a 24-hour spa) for massages. I very much wanted to go the SNL party, but the completely packed day and my new aversion to coffee completely drained me, and I just didn’t have the energy to stay up till 1:30 and then go out till 3:00 am. What a lamo old fat girl I am.

All in all, this guy knows how to plan a special day, and we had an amazing weekend (although I did unfortunately gain 2.5 lbs bringing me to a jiggly 142.5 lbs). He has always done amazing things for me and I am so lucky to have him, particularly because he likes my big fat booty. 🙂

Hopefully this post wasn’t too mushy, but I just thought I’d share something special with all my Fat Girl fans.

Fat Girl

Maybe she’s back (from the past? from Greece? for good?)…

Dear my lovely ladies of NYC, America, and the remainder of the internet accessible world,

Again, terribly sorry not to have written in ages, but as mentioned in my prior posts, life as an investment banker is unfortunately consuming my life and my ass. My butt cheeks multiply ten fold everyday and have pretty much surpassed the bounds of all of my jeans (except one amazing pair that I can still manage to squeeze my big booty into). My goals of 125 lbs are completely out of sight at this point, and at this juncture I would be thoroughly elated to step on the scale and see the numbers 1-3-5. My gelatinous cheeks are jiggling at a whopping ~142 lbs, despite my desperately healthy eating habits. I try to consume enough fibers, greens, healthy s*** that don’t taste good to keep the jiggle to a minimum, but despite my best efforts I live on an island with temptation at every twist, turn, corner and spotting of another leggy 6’2″ rexie, thus it can be ever so difficult to avoid the amazingly delectable cuisines perfected all over the world that have been brought to the lips of my fellow non-rexie (and possibly a few rexie) New York ladies. In addition to constant temptation, a boy friend who is completely love blind and thinks I’m still “sexy”, and working from 7 am till 8 or 9 pm on an early night, I have barely made it to the gym.

Around three weeks ago, the bf and I returned from an amazing 10 day trip to Athens, Rhodes, and Santorini, Greece. Before Greece, I was trying to get to the gym every few days per week so as not to be the only beached American whale displaying her rolls on the beach for all those beautiful Euro bodies to see. While we were there, we didn’t worry about what we ate, we drove around the islands all day, we relaxed on beaches AND…..


Now we are back in the states, and again, it appears that we are both packing on the pounds despite eating healthy. Part of me really believes that one of the main contributors to the great American weight problem and the constant struggle of so many women is due to the corrupt and completely disgusting nature of our food industry. I think the key word in that sentence is “industry”. The fact that I described our food system as an industry is the nucleus of this problem. Nothing we consume in this country is untouched by science, chemicals and technology, and while I am a huge supporter of all three of the aforementioned realms of human existence, I don’t necessarily know if my feelings towards combining them with what I put into my body are positive ones.

Well, that was probably an unnecessarily long political blurb on the nature of the food industry in our country, but I think its good for people to be at least aware if not educated regarding what they put into their mouths every single day. A good, entertaining book to read if you’d like to learn more/be completely appalled is Skinny Bitch. While Skinny Bitch, is at its core an attempt to turn all women lusting after long, thin thighs into a vegan (which will never happen for me), it is certainly funny, thought-provoking, and interesting, particularly if you have ever wondered where your food actually comes from or what its actually made of. That being said (errr written), I don’t recommend reading it if you are faint of heart or have the potential to get grossed out easily.

Okay, there’s a lot more to update you on outside of the American food problem – I definitely will include more snippets of my amazing time in Greece, but in the mean time, please have fun browsing some awe inspiring pictures and hopefully in my next post I can upload some of my new favorite Euro workout songs! I am trying to get on and write once a week, so if I’m remiss in my promises please shoot me a line and tell me to WRITE!!!!

Fat Girl

Off to Las Vegas for the Weekend!

Hi All,

I’m all set to jet to the land of overdone frivolities and activities deemed illegal in most American states – not exactly my thing, but I know my good friend College will make it worth my while – she never fails to keep me entertained. What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas for me – so check back after the weekend to get a full synopsis of the trip, although it will probably put you to sleep. College and I are making the trek out there and plan on doing pretty much nothing but relaxing at the pool and reading trashy gossip mags.

As for my week…The bf made it back from Europe this on Monday despite the huge cloud of volcanic ash that was encompassing the planet. I was at a fundraiser at Cipriani’s Wall Street when he landed eating filet mignon, potatoes, and zucchini while simultaneously reveling in their exquisite peach bellinis. Throughout the remainder of the week, we kind of piggied it up a little to celebrate both of our upcoming professional transitions (he’s starting at a huge hedge fund next Monday).

Last night we hit up Union Square Cafe, a classic favorite of the old school New Yorker. This was our first time there and the place was lined with salt-and-peppered Wall Street types in Hermes ties and botoxed middle-aged rexies carrying beautiful lamb skin Chanel bags. We had a full four course dinner accompanied by Prosecco for me and girly cocktails for him (a pink/fruity cocktail is the bf’s trademark).

All in all, the week has been a whirl wind of great food and fortunately, I have not buoyed up on the scale but have maintained a weight which has hovered around 134 – 136 lbs this week. I would have liked to lose a pound or two – but we can’t have it all!

If any of my fatty foodie friends out there have any great recs for restaurants in Vegas, give me a shout! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Fat Girl