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The Morning After

Today I woke up feeling like I am hungover from carbohydrates. I didn’t drink any alcoholic drinks last night as I wanted to be fully aware of how much crap I was shoving down my throat.

Prior to dinner, I filled up on a lot of water and raw veggies. During dinner, I managed to limit myself to small portions of the bad stuff (potatoes, etc) and stuck primarily to turkey and chicken. The tides turned when dessert was brought out and my sweet tooth got the better of me. I am a total sucker for cookies and there were some awesome cookies staring me straight in the eye beckoning me to come closer and eat them up! I probably had about seven or eight small cookies and I feel like I have sugar hangover in addition to being ashamed of my lack of will power.

I guess I just need to get up, pull on some spandex pants and slip into a sports bra and do the “walk of shame” over to the gym. As I lay in bed writing my second post of the week on my iPhone, I am wondering how many lbs I put on and if I have a severe food baby lurking around in my stomach.

Today will be a day of detox and good health!

Fat Girl


Secret Doorbells, Champagne, and Cheeseburgers

Can you guess where I ate dinner last night? Shhhhh….quiet! Sidecar is this semi-secret little arsenal of throwback steakhouses above the PJ Clark’s in Midtown East, and it’s also where I joined my roomie, good friend since my first day of college (let’s call her College), and her wonderful boyfriend (let’s call him Naked Baby – College keeps a naked baby picture of him on her iphone) to celebrate a new chapter in my life.

I recently accepted an offer to work for a bulge bracket firm (I’m in finance – don’t think I’ve told you all about that yet – part of the reason I got fat! no time to work out or leave my desk!) in their investment banking group. Upon graduating, it was my intent to join another firm in their banking division; however, that firm was unfortunately unable to keep afloat in the tumultuous times of 2008. As a senior in the middle of my second semester, I had to quickly scramble and get back on that interview horse to find another position so that I did not have to sleep in cardboard box in Grand Central. Fortunately, I landed on my feet and worked at a firm that gave me a lot of great exposure and experiences. I learned a lot while I was there and enjoyed my time working in marketing on the “buy side” (finance term for hedge funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds, etc), but I am really excited to get back on the track I had originally planned on. This new role will consume even more of my time and will probably lead me to eat more crappy food but hopefully all my fellow fatties will keep me on track!

Anyway, my eating habits overall yesterday were very good with the exception of my little celebratory dinner! I had two glasses of Veuve C., half a cheeseburger, and tons of onion strings (they are addictive!). Wish me all luck as I embark on this new adventure!

Fat Girl

P.S. Sorry for the excessive presence of exclamation points in this post – I am very, very excited and happy.