This page is for my cheat days…If I have to confess my fatty foods to the world maybe there will be less of them. For all my fat girl friends out there, feel free to confess here too – I promise I won’t judge – I feel your pain.


One response to “Confessions

  1. Hi All,

    Fat Girl here. I was a bad bad girl this weekend. While I stuck to WW loosely and consumed my fair share of greens, fiber, and lean proteins, I was pretty glutinous on the whole. I started the weekend with a steak dinner at Prime on Park Ave with the bf on Friday night. Wasn’t too bad there – shrimp cocktail, filet mignon (no sauce or extra cheese or anything), grilled asparagus, cava, a spoonful of lobster whipped potatoes, and half of an amazing decadent and wonderful chocolate soufle.
    Saturday wasn’t too bad – brunch with my girlfriend, her bf, and my bf at the Spotted Pig in the West Village – some eggs, some cheese, 1.5 lemon ricotta pancakes. Later in the day – whole wheat pita, hummus, and Israeli salad from Pita Joe on 14th st in Union Square – dinner consisted of sushi with brown rice.
    Sunday was worthy of extreme punishment. Started out with grilled cheese for breakfast (and I wasn’t even hung over)…then a walk down 5th where my roommate goaded me into consuming a beautiful pair of cream and turquoise Verina bow flats – not so bad from a calorie perspective but absolutely terrible for my wallet. I would probably consider this purchase the most glutinous part of my weekend as I am not one to spend exorbitant amounts of money on ANYTHING!!! I then proceeded to an amazing Italian dinner with the roomie at Luna Piena (a small Italian place with wonderfully fresh foods on 53rd and 2nd).
    All in all, I don’t think I gained weight this weekend, but I just feel like a little consumption wh**e. I guess we all have our days.


    Fat Girl

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