What’s Good in Washington D.C.?

washington-dc-fireworksTH and I are planning a little trip down to our great nation’s capital over the New Year holiday weekend (Saturday December 29 through Tuesday January 1) and we need good tips on where to go to dinner, what event to attend to actually ring in the New Year, etc.

Since I am New York-centric to a terrible fault, I really don’t much about what’s “hip” and fun in the land of politicians and white houses.  We are staying at The Madison so options in the downtown area or surrounding neighborhood would be ideal.

Some options I am currently looking at for our NYE dinner below…

If you have been to any of these or like one in particular, please send in your vote below!

We would really appreciate any recommendations or suggestions for great D.C. restaurants and fun NYE activities!


Fat Girl


This is rude but…

…Christina Aguilera is a heinous, uncreative bitch obsessed with other brainless foofoos who only have pop vocal abilities…

I know, that was a harsh statement, but I have to say, I am a huge fan of Melanie Martinez on the Voice. Melanie is a sweet 17 year old girl from New York who is a highly creative and blatantly thoughtful individual. Her performances on the Voice indicate that she is a very talented and intellectual individual who may not “fit in” with other 17 year olds due to here half dyed head of hair, but I believe that these are the people who end up setting trends, leading nations and creating some of the best and most enjoyable things in life.

After Melanie’s December 3rd performance of “The Show”, Christina Aguilera, whom never gives Melanie nice comments, was full of a special form of a**hole. First off, instead of actually commenting on Melanie’s performances, Christina typically makes some stupid comment on how Melanie gets great props and gives kudos to the guy who does set design…ummm…HELLOOOOO CHRISTINA – THE NAME OF THE SHOW IS “THE VOICE” NOT “THE PROPS” or “THE SET DESIGN”. Secondly, since Christina never ever says anything nice to Melanie (who I think is already pretty harsh on herself), Melanie was clearly already prepared for some kind a-hole-ish comment from Christina and likely felt like her performance wasn’t super stellar (it wasn’t – I’ve seen her do better) and as she was awaiting Christina’s commentary her eyes started swell a little – she then turned her head and Christina starts mouthing off about how Melanie isn’t looking at her…Yeah, you dumb bitch – she’s not looking at you because your heinous, you’re terrible to look at and you are just plain MEAN!!! Just because Melanie doesn’t want hot pink streaks in her hair and most likely would not have liked “Genie in a Bottle” had it come out when she was 17, doesn’t mean that you have to be a “mean girl” to her.

The reason I am getting so heated and writing about this tonight is because I relate to Melanie. She has said on the show numerous times that she has often felt like an outsider…and I have been there too. In fact, I think that many women often feel like outsiders, often times because of other women – other dumb ass women like Christina. Sure, she knows how to put on a corset, spread her legs for managers and cameras alike and belt out a note or two, but I don’t think Christina has ever really thought about what it means to accept others for being who they are. Melanie has some real spunk and it should be embraced not be stomped on.

To all the Fat Girl friends out there and all the non Fat Girl friends, keep on being your weird ass, quirky selves because that’s the spice of life – that’s what makes the world go round – that’s what makes watching T.V. shows like the Voice different.


Fat Girl

P.S. I quite literally got heated – this got me so upset, my whole body started to heat up – I am a weirdly passionate person…

Willpower, where did you go?

Dear Willpower,

I miss you.  My thighs are jiggling and my muffin top is rapidly beginning to expand over the sides of my pants.  I set my alarm for 6:30 am this morning to wake up, be healthy and get my ever growing booty to the gym, but alas, you were absent and I rolled over to reset my alarm for 7:30 am.  Once up, I squeezed myself into a pair of cute red pants from LOFT and did my hair for work.  

I have a Christmas party hosted by one of my colleagues this evening.  I know you have left me, but please come back for this party so that I limit myself from holiday goodies and too much booze.  Also, if you could return for good, I would really appreciate your presence.


Fat Girl

Going Gluten Free

loaves-of-breadI am NOT, I repeat NOT, going Gluten Free – I think that if I didn’t have super unhealthy carbs loaded with gluten, I would just keel over drop dead.  I LOVE pasta, good hearty French bread with just the right amount of salt, and all other terrible carbs.

While I am not going gluten free, I know many people who try to avoid gluten either because of health-related issues or because it really is just horrendously atrocious for you.  The body has a ridiculously hard time breaking down gluten, processing it and getting it through your system for a nice healthy poop.  You can read some info about it all here or just do a google search or do a self experiment – try cutting out gluten products for a week and see how you feel physically – you will likely feel much better…whenever I cut back on this nasty little protein, I certainly do feel better physically but I have emotional withdrawal and then want to stuff my mouth with croissants for a year straight.

Anyway, the point of this blurb is that I found an awesome recipe for all your pancake lovers out there.  I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love pancakes.  First off, they bring me back to Sunday mornings as a child.  Every Sunday, my dad would wake up, go to the bakery in town load up on tons of sugary garbage that mom wouldn’t allow in our house on a normal week day and then come back to the house, whip up a batch of fresh pancakes (with butter and fresh maple syrup) and then my sister and I would dig in like ravenous dogs that had been starved for a year.  (My mom kept a very healthy kitchen so my sister and I had a tendency to get overwhelmingly excited about anything with sugar.)  Secondly, pancakes just taste good and they are an excuse to start a day with dessert – life just doesn’t get much better that.

My good girl friend from Philadelphia is turning 27 on Friday, December 7 and she may be spending the weekend in NYC – she is gluten free for health reasons…I started looking at gluten free recipes to potentially make for her if she ends up coming up.  Here is the gluten free pancake recipe – not only is it gluten free, it is 100% natural – check it out!

Pancake Recipe

I’ll let you know how the test run goes, but if you get to it first, let me know how it goes!


Fat Girl

How to Get Fat Fast

Hi All,

This post is in no way at all about healthy eating, in fact, it is entirely about the exact opposite. I spent all of yesterday cooking in my little NYC kitchen. In the morning, I prepared an Apple/Pear/Fresh Cranberry crisp with an oatmeal/walnut brown sugar crumble for the topping and my favorite holiday cocktail: Apple Cider Sangria. Sorry, I don’t have pictures of the Apple/Pear/Cran Crisp, but there is a photo of the sangria below.Apple Cider SangriaAfter prepping those two items for dinner with Bling and B, my friend, MacAttack arrived at my apartment for our Holiday Macaron Extravaganza Part I (Part II to occur next weekend.) We concocted some fabulous flavors and made about 60 macarons in total (which took us about five hours). The clear winner in terms of best flavor was our “Gingerbread” macaron. French macaron shells are typically flavorless, so all the flavor you get hit with when you bite into these crunchy chewy little delights is coming from the filling. With our “Gingerbread” macs, we added nutmeg and cinnamon to the shells and then created a butter cream filling out of fresh ginger, butter, eggs and sugar – the end result was holiday fireworks exploding in your mouth – they were absolutely amazing! The gingerbread macs can be seen in the pictures below – they are the beige colored cookies with the little lone gingerbread men in the middle We also made a peppermint buttercream filled macaron (can be seen below – green shells with little green Christmas trees) and a Bailey’s Irish Cream white chocolate ganache filled mac as well as Bailey’s Irish Butter Cream blended with a bit of mint – the Bailey’s macs are the red ones with the white snow flakes.

macs in tray

macswith ballsHoliday MacaronsAfter finishing up our holiday macaron fiesta, I got started on the menu for dinner. I chopped up a ton of mushrooms using my Rosle Veggie Chopper – everyone should own one of these – it just makes things so much faster. After chopping up some baby bella mushrooms I sauteed them in butter with onions and garlic mixed up with grated pecorino romano cheese and a swig of rosemary for some added aroma. After making my mixture, I carefully stuffed mushroom caps with little mounds of mushroom hash and set them aside to stick them in the oven about 30 minutes prior to B and Bling’s arrival.

Stuffed Mushrooms

In addition to my stuffed mushroom cap apps, I prepared a fresh heirloom tomato salad tossed with a little mozzarella, basil topped off with an olive oil drizzle and a bit of sea salt. Heirloom Tomato Salad

Then I got to my roasted butternut squash and my pasta. I chopped up some butternut squash, tossed it in olive oil, sage, brown sugar and salt and roasted it in the oven for 45 minutes. Here is the real fatty part: my mushroom cream sauce fresh angel hair pasta tangled with maitake mushrooms (aka hen of the woods mushrooms) and Italian sausage. This is my husband’s favorite dish I make – it is probably 1000 calories for a mouthful, but that is what makes it oh so good. Pictures of both below.Butternut Squash and PastaAfter preparing the pasta and the squash, I arranged my cheese plate for the appetizers, which consisted of an assortment of cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk cheeses from Vermont, Italy and Spain. Cheese plate pic below:

cheese & grapesOnce everyone arrived and began filling up on the Sangria, cheese and mushroom caps, TH and I began preparing the filet mignon. We used our Le Creuset skillet which was really awesome for making a great steak without a grille. We preheated the oven to 500 degrees and then stuck the skillet in there for about 5 minutes letting it really heat up. Then we pulled the skillet out and seared each side of the filet for about 1 minute and stuck the skillet full of petite filets back in our oven for about 7 minutes with a dollop of truffle butter and a rosemary sprig just for good measure. The steak was cooked perfectly and tasted amazing.Filet Mignon

After getting everything over to the dining area in our apartment, we all sat down for a great holiday dinner full of calories, laughter and hearty conversion (not to mention amazing bread from a new local bakery in Chelsea – courtesy of B and Bling).
TableBread BasketI hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed eating what’s in them. Now it’s time to get back on track – yogurt, carrots, leafy greens, lots of sushi and gym time until Christmas!


Fat Girl

Sugar Plum Faires, Tartan Plaid and Good Ol’Fashion Wintery Fun


The most wonderful time is of the year is officially upon us tomorrow as we roll into the month of December.  There is something about December that really brings on a “Christmasy” feel to the season.

This weekend, the holidays are on in full force!

Tonight:  Run some errands, get to the gym with TH, work on our Christmas cards!

Saturday:  Early morning gym session then…holiday macaron making with the MacAttack (the friend who introduced me to making these sweet little morsels of perfection!) during the day – we will have Christmas music blasting and peppermint flowing!  In the evening…holiday themed dinner with B and Bling in our apartment.

Sunday:  GYM GYM GYM!!!  Then I need to get our Christmas cards printed, addressed and into the mailbox!  I also need to bring my holiday gift drive gifts for the children of St. Jude’s to my office – I went a little barbie crazy and I need TH to help me carry them all in.  Sunday afternoon/evening I will be dressing in my finest winter plaids (courtesy of J. Crew) and will be off to Lincoln Center to see the Nutcracker with my friend, College.  We have been planning to go see the show together since we were sophomores (that was in 2005) and now, seven years later, we are finally following through!  It will be great to see it together.  Growing up, my momma would take me to see a local performance every year.  It is such a fun performance to see as a child and as an adult, and I cannot wait for this year’s show!

I will keep you up to date throughout the weekend and I will also try very very hard to keep those calories in check so I can go a little crazy in 26 days (Christmas!)

May you be merry and bright!


Fat Girl

30 Minute Challenge

Three reasons I am starting what I call the “30 Minute Challenge”

  1. I am outside of my goal weight range, currently bopping along at a nearly giggly 127 lbs.
  2. I need motivation to get to the gym and a lot of my friends are super busy and I’m super busy so it is hard to align schedules and make gym dates.
  3. I have consistently been setting my alarm for 6:15 to 6:45 am to get up, get out of bed and hit the gym.  (That has not been working for me – I just roll over and reset it)

What is the 30 Minute Challenge?


I am going to challenge myself to make sure I make it to the gym 30 minutes a day four to five days a week.  Pink stars (like the one to the left)  mean I have gotten Imagemy butt to the gym four days in one week.  Gold stars mean I have gotten to five days in one week.  Hopefully you will be seeing stars in my upcoming posts!  FYI – my week will start on Sundays!


Fat Girl

“The Greatest Love of All”

For all you Whitney lovers out there, this one is for you! (Inspired by Trevin Hunte’s performance on Monday night.)

In the words of the late and the great woman, Whitney Houston, “Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all.” Trevin Hunte brought these words to life on Monday’s episode of the Voice, and he certainly deserves to move on to next week. I have a special affinity to this song as my mom played it over and over again on the way to school in the morning when I was a little girl. I loved (and still do) the song and Whitney so much. The song has an amazing message and I believe it is a song that all mommy’s should play for their little girls (and boys too) as it drives home the point that one needs to believe in one’s self and see “the beauty they possess inside”.

I find that the first step to living a healthy life, is loving, respecting and believing in yourself (I know it sounds cheesy, but I really do believe this). This concept is particularly important for all women managing their daily lives – there is just so much going on in our crazy world and women are doing more than ever before and society still expects them to look perfect. The pressure is astounding. But if you have a good image of yourself and believe you are beautiful inside and out, you can overcome all the trials and tribulations of the craziness that becomes life.

Congrats to Trevin Hunte for moving on to next week and a special thanks to him for bringing the song back to life and giving me inspiration for a post.

Fat Girl

P.S. I performed that song on vacation in St. Lucia with my family when I was seven years old as part of a talent show. There were 250 people in the audience and I had (and still do have) a terrible voice! For all those poor folks that had to listen to me belt it out, I am sorry, but I believed in myself! Hahahaha!

Uh oh! It’s happening!

So I am writing tonight after a long day at work because I am beginning to notice some potentially serious post-wedding weight gain (my weight is currently fluctuating around the 125 – 127 level and my goal is to stay between 120 – 125 with 125 being my holiday max)…I need to kick it into gear and crush my growing fat cells in their tracks.  Here are five reasons I think I am gaining weight…

1) It is cold out and I could use a little extra blubber for insulation so I have the ability to rationalize not going to the gym and having a cookie instead

2) The winter season/holidays are making me want to eat my face off.  I am particularly craving items such as hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, anything apple-crispy-like

3) Things at work are a little crazy right now and it’s been a little difficult to make time for the gym

4)  Fun holiday activities and non-fun holiday obligations are keeping me very busy and well-boozed (alcohol = calories)

5)  Winter fashions allow for big boxy sweaters to hide big butts and wiggly bellies

I cannot allow myself to get out of control this winter – I have bought too many cute clothes that I want to be able to fit into this year and next!  Send me some inspiration for counter-holiday weight gain.



Fat Girl

Send me your healthy holiday dinner ideas and recipes!



My little sister emailed me today to start finalizing our Christmas dinner menu – this will be our first year preparing all the food for the family.  So far this is what we are thinking:


  • Crudité with hummus, fresh guacamole (I make some mean guac), and pico de gallo
  • Mini mushroom quiche
  • Some artisan cheeses with light crackers and grapes


  • My lovely little Hungarian grandma will be making the Turkey
  • My sister and I would like to accompany the Turkey with some other protein option – PLEASE SEND ME YOUR HEALTHY IDEAS AND RECIPES!!


  • We would like to make scalloped potatoes, however these have a tendency to be very  unhealthy – any healthy versions out there?
  • Potentially a garlic and oil based pasta dish…we will see on this one…

Cold Veggies:

  • Fresh beet salad (fresh beets cannot be beat!) with tangerines and fresh goat cheese  in an olive oil/rosemary drizzle
  • Winter greens with freshly baked cranberries, blue cheese crumble and walnuts in an orange balsamic vinaigrette

Hot Veggies:

  • Sauteéd red cabbage with vidalia onions and cilantro
  • String beans with blanched almonds in a garlic saute


  • We are thinking of typical holiday/Christmas desserts, but if you have healthy options with a touch of holiday cheer, PLEASE SEND ALONG!!!

All input, ideas, recipes and comments are much appreciated!  Please help my little sister and I make this year a spectacular Christmas to remember!


Fat Girl