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“The Greatest Love of All”

For all you Whitney lovers out there, this one is for you! (Inspired by Trevin Hunte’s performance on Monday night.)

In the words of the late and the great woman, Whitney Houston, “Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all.” Trevin Hunte brought these words to life on Monday’s episode of the Voice, and he certainly deserves to move on to next week. I have a special affinity to this song as my mom played it over and over again on the way to school in the morning when I was a little girl. I loved (and still do) the song and Whitney so much. The song has an amazing message and I believe it is a song that all mommy’s should play for their little girls (and boys too) as it drives home the point that one needs to believe in one’s self and see “the beauty they possess inside”.

I find that the first step to living a healthy life, is loving, respecting and believing in yourself (I know it sounds cheesy, but I really do believe this). This concept is particularly important for all women managing their daily lives – there is just so much going on in our crazy world and women are doing more than ever before and society still expects them to look perfect. The pressure is astounding. But if you have a good image of yourself and believe you are beautiful inside and out, you can overcome all the trials and tribulations of the craziness that becomes life.

Congrats to Trevin Hunte for moving on to next week and a special thanks to him for bringing the song back to life and giving me inspiration for a post.

Fat Girl

P.S. I performed that song on vacation in St. Lucia with my family when I was seven years old as part of a talent show. There were 250 people in the audience and I had (and still do have) a terrible voice! For all those poor folks that had to listen to me belt it out, I am sorry, but I believed in myself! Hahahaha!