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“The Greatest Love of All”

For all you Whitney lovers out there, this one is for you! (Inspired by Trevin Hunte’s performance on Monday night.)

In the words of the late and the great woman, Whitney Houston, “Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all.” Trevin Hunte brought these words to life on Monday’s episode of the Voice, and he certainly deserves to move on to next week. I have a special affinity to this song as my mom played it over and over again on the way to school in the morning when I was a little girl. I loved (and still do) the song and Whitney so much. The song has an amazing message and I believe it is a song that all mommy’s should play for their little girls (and boys too) as it drives home the point that one needs to believe in one’s self and see “the beauty they possess inside”.

I find that the first step to living a healthy life, is loving, respecting and believing in yourself (I know it sounds cheesy, but I really do believe this). This concept is particularly important for all women managing their daily lives – there is just so much going on in our crazy world and women are doing more than ever before and society still expects them to look perfect. The pressure is astounding. But if you have a good image of yourself and believe you are beautiful inside and out, you can overcome all the trials and tribulations of the craziness that becomes life.

Congrats to Trevin Hunte for moving on to next week and a special thanks to him for bringing the song back to life and giving me inspiration for a post.

Fat Girl

P.S. I performed that song on vacation in St. Lucia with my family when I was seven years old as part of a talent show. There were 250 people in the audience and I had (and still do have) a terrible voice! For all those poor folks that had to listen to me belt it out, I am sorry, but I believed in myself! Hahahaha!


“Flip that Switch”

a line used as a motivational speech catchphrase from one of my favorite Showtime network series, The Big C…I am not going to explain the meaning of the quote here or the basis of the show – just thought that this quote was relevant in light of recent events in the tri-state area and along the east coast of the USA.

Before I fully begin, I first want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with all of those who have lost homes, businesses and loved ones during the horrific storm that just tore its way through the Caribbean and then up the east coast of the United States.

As a former Jersey Shore resident and permanent Jersey Girl at heart, I am acutely aware of how devastating Hurricane Sandy has been for millions of people.  My parents and grandmother who currently reside in New Jersey are still without power and all of my dear friends residing in the southern portion of Manhattan are also still without power.   I thought that “Flip that Switch” was an apropos title for this post first in the literal sense as millions of people are still flipping on their non-working light switches as a matter of habit everyday desperately hoping that light has been restored to their lives and homes.

In the more figurative sense and in keeping with the desired meaning from “The Big C”, I want to give a shout out to all of humanity…it is truly amazing what people have the capacity to do when faced with disaster.  Though the storm was and still is a terrible nightmare for so many individuals, we have seen the positive energy in people’s souls ooze out over the past few days as babies have been delivered in unlit hospitals and people have come together to provide shelter and power for neighbors or rescue their fellow citizens from the devastation.  The storm proves that all people have the ability to “Flip that Switch” – to go from a normal, everyday routine into fight mode.

And now from a more blog-relevant perspective, why is this applicable at all to weight loss, food, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, etc?  Well, as I said before, the storm forced people to “Flip that Switch” or switch modes – we all have the ability to flip switches within us, whether they are disaster “fight or flight” type switches or deep, personal ones having to do with body image, health, diet and exercise.  Caring for yourself and your personal health and weight is at the end of the day, just as important about caring about others because, I believe that self-investment is actually an investment for society (the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts).

And continuing to move from heavy topics to lighter and lighter, I officially flipped the switch this morning from my typical Dean and Deluca large iced coffee to my new normal (at least for the next six months) Dean and Deluca large hot coffee.  Bundled in a puffy black down coat with a fox fur hood, the bitter winter chill crashed through my bones signaling that winter is lurking in the NYC air.

Stay warm, stay safe, stay healthy.


Fat Girl