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No Peaks & Fragile Shells

So I came home from work today thinking about the mango and jasmine macarons I made yesterday…we worked all day long on Sunday to make our sweet little meringue morsels as perfect as could be, but we ended up with peaked shells, which is an undesirable trait in a macaron.

So today I picked myself up and tried again to quote the late hip hop artist, Aaliyah.  I arrived at my apartment, rolled up my sleeves, pulled out my baking gear and got to it.  After sifting my almond flour and powdered sugar (110 grams and 200 grams, respectively), I beat my egg whites (90 grams) and my granulated sugar (35 grams) into a beautiful cloudy foam.  I then churned and rechurned the meringue into my almond-sugar mixture and added in some pink powdered food coloring.  I stuffed an Ateco disposable piping back full of my sweet lumpy mixture and piped these babies out onto some non-stick parchment paper and threw them into my convection oven at 280 degrees for 15 minutes.

Upon taking my tiny pink polka dots out of the oven, I sighed again as these were nearly perfect but the shells were sooo delicate I could barely hold them to pipe on my rose buttercream (which I have now perfected!)

These look pretty good, but I am going to keep trying until I get the strong, perfectly smooth, glossy shells that those damn Frenchies have perfected over the past 400 years.

I am going to bring these babies into work tomorrow for my co-workers to snack on, as I cannot stuff my face with buttercream pre-Thanksgiving.  While, I did not make it to the gym tonight, I managed to eat a healthy dinner and have an overall really healthy day.  Here’s hoping to continue the trend.


Fat Girl