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30 Minute Challenge

Three reasons I am starting what I call the “30 Minute Challenge”

  1. I am outside of my goal weight range, currently bopping along at a nearly giggly 127 lbs.
  2. I need motivation to get to the gym and a lot of my friends are super busy and I’m super busy so it is hard to align schedules and make gym dates.
  3. I have consistently been setting my alarm for 6:15 to 6:45 am to get up, get out of bed and hit the gym.  (That has not been working for me – I just roll over and reset it)

What is the 30 Minute Challenge?


I am going to challenge myself to make sure I make it to the gym 30 minutes a day four to five days a week.  Pink stars (like the one to the left)  mean I have gotten Imagemy butt to the gym four days in one week.  Gold stars mean I have gotten to five days in one week.  Hopefully you will be seeing stars in my upcoming posts!  FYI – my week will start on Sundays!


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