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A Feast For the Eyes

FireplaceThere is truly no place like home for the holidays.  Pictured above is the fireplace in my parent’s family room at our home in New Jersey – my husband and my dad got the fire going on Christmas night to get everyone in the spirit and keep everyone’s little fingers and toes warm and toasty.  While it didn’t snow, it did get quite chilly, and my little sister and I had a great time cooking Christmas dinner for everyone in our kitchen.  Some snapshots of our work are below…



Apple Cider Sangria

Apple Cider Sangria

Dinner is Served!

Drum roll, please….

And with that, I will leave with you a photo of our family Christmas tree.  A late Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day!


Fat Girl

Christmas Tree


Oh the Weather Outside…

…Is NOT frightful and it’s not even cold enough for a delight fire.  As we roll into Christmas over the weekend, I find myself alarmingly not in the holiday spirit, and I am unable to pinpoint why.  Every store you walk into in Manhattan is joyously ringing out holiday tunes from their speakers and all of the windows in retail stores are festively decorated with glittering baubles, snow fallen trees and lots of lights so the only thing that I can really think of, is the strangely warm weather in NYC this holiday season.

As I have been meandering through the tourist-packed streets of the city dressed in merely a light spring rain coat and jeans, I wonder about what a difference it would have made to grow up in a warm weather climate such as Los Angeles or Texas where it almost never snows and a “White Christmas” is only a movie.  It must be pretty great for women…since it’s warm all year and you could be in a bathing suite or skimpy dress anytime, I’m sure you would tend to think twice before stuffing your face with another holiday decorated cupcake or downing another glass of eggnog.  The great thing about North East winters (though I don’t particularly love the cold) is that you can hide any unwanted holiday weight gain with cozy bunchy sweaters, a pair of stretchy pants and some cute boots!  The problem with the warm weather in NYC is that I have on a similar version of the outfit mentioned above today (*I switched out the stretchy pants for jeans and slipped on a pair of Hunter rain boots in lieu of the cute boots due to the rain puddles that have accumulated all over NYC sidewalks since last night’s downpour*) and as I was running around trying to find a place with some decent holiday cards to stuff with checks for our doormen, I was breaking a sweat in my bunchy sweater.

I am wishing for a true “White Christmas”, frightful weather outside and a delightful fire inside.  Let it snow!  Let it snow!  Let it snow!  (So I can run around my parents house in spandex pants and bunchy sweaters!)


Fat Girl

The Christmas Season is Upon Us!


Christmas has arrived in the small NYC apartment of Fat Girl!  While we don’t really have loads of room for a real tree (we might try to stuff one in this year), we are fully committed to keeping at least a little holiday glam present in our lives and in our home even with our teeny tiny two-foot tree!

With exactly four weeks to go until Christmas day, I am getting very excited for all the seasonal fun ahead!  TH and I need to start buying and wrapping gifts for everyone from our families to the doormen in our building who take care of us everyday, and I really need to start finalizing what my little sister and I are going to be cooking for our Christmas Day family gathering.  

This weekend, my friend College and I (this is one of my very best friends who I met on the first day of college) will be kicking off the month of December by attending the Nutcracker ballet in Lincoln Square on Sunday!

As Christmas draws nearer there will be more and more fun holiday things to prepare and do and enjoy and I will need to incorporate the gym, spin classes and intensive yoga workouts into all of it.

Tonight I plan on starting the week off right with a hearty gym session in my building’s gym followed by a quick swim and a relax session in the jacuzzi! 


Fat Girl