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“Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere”

Sigerson Morrison Markelly Booty

Who is up on this season’s booty trend?  No, not the J-LO kind of booty (although I am definitely up on that trend as I have quite the round bottom) – the booty that you slide your feet into.  I am trying to get into it, but I am really more of a knee-high boot kind of gal.

I ordered these Belle by Sigerson Morrison Markelly booties and I am wearing them for the first time today – I kind of feel like my booty is a bit too plump/voluptuous to rock them everywhere.  I feel like these particular booties require really long lean lines to look just right and the booty on my body is certainly anything but lean.  Gotta get to the gym!


Fat Girl