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Going Gluten Free

loaves-of-breadI am NOT, I repeat NOT, going Gluten Free – I think that if I didn’t have super unhealthy carbs loaded with gluten, I would just keel over drop dead.  I LOVE pasta, good hearty French bread with just the right amount of salt, and all other terrible carbs.

While I am not going gluten free, I know many people who try to avoid gluten either because of health-related issues or because it really is just horrendously atrocious for you.  The body has a ridiculously hard time breaking down gluten, processing it and getting it through your system for a nice healthy poop.  You can read some info about it all here or just do a google search or do a self experiment – try cutting out gluten products for a week and see how you feel physically – you will likely feel much better…whenever I cut back on this nasty little protein, I certainly do feel better physically but I have emotional withdrawal and then want to stuff my mouth with croissants for a year straight.

Anyway, the point of this blurb is that I found an awesome recipe for all your pancake lovers out there.  I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love pancakes.  First off, they bring me back to Sunday mornings as a child.  Every Sunday, my dad would wake up, go to the bakery in town load up on tons of sugary garbage that mom wouldn’t allow in our house on a normal week day and then come back to the house, whip up a batch of fresh pancakes (with butter and fresh maple syrup) and then my sister and I would dig in like ravenous dogs that had been starved for a year.  (My mom kept a very healthy kitchen so my sister and I had a tendency to get overwhelmingly excited about anything with sugar.)  Secondly, pancakes just taste good and they are an excuse to start a day with dessert – life just doesn’t get much better that.

My good girl friend from Philadelphia is turning 27 on Friday, December 7 and she may be spending the weekend in NYC – she is gluten free for health reasons…I started looking at gluten free recipes to potentially make for her if she ends up coming up.  Here is the gluten free pancake recipe – not only is it gluten free, it is 100% natural – check it out!

Pancake Recipe

I’ll let you know how the test run goes, but if you get to it first, let me know how it goes!


Fat Girl


How to Get Fat Fast

Hi All,

This post is in no way at all about healthy eating, in fact, it is entirely about the exact opposite. I spent all of yesterday cooking in my little NYC kitchen. In the morning, I prepared an Apple/Pear/Fresh Cranberry crisp with an oatmeal/walnut brown sugar crumble for the topping and my favorite holiday cocktail: Apple Cider Sangria. Sorry, I don’t have pictures of the Apple/Pear/Cran Crisp, but there is a photo of the sangria below.Apple Cider SangriaAfter prepping those two items for dinner with Bling and B, my friend, MacAttack arrived at my apartment for our Holiday Macaron Extravaganza Part I (Part II to occur next weekend.) We concocted some fabulous flavors and made about 60 macarons in total (which took us about five hours). The clear winner in terms of best flavor was our “Gingerbread” macaron. French macaron shells are typically flavorless, so all the flavor you get hit with when you bite into these crunchy chewy little delights is coming from the filling. With our “Gingerbread” macs, we added nutmeg and cinnamon to the shells and then created a butter cream filling out of fresh ginger, butter, eggs and sugar – the end result was holiday fireworks exploding in your mouth – they were absolutely amazing! The gingerbread macs can be seen in the pictures below – they are the beige colored cookies with the little lone gingerbread men in the middle We also made a peppermint buttercream filled macaron (can be seen below – green shells with little green Christmas trees) and a Bailey’s Irish Cream white chocolate ganache filled mac as well as Bailey’s Irish Butter Cream blended with a bit of mint – the Bailey’s macs are the red ones with the white snow flakes.

macs in tray

macswith ballsHoliday MacaronsAfter finishing up our holiday macaron fiesta, I got started on the menu for dinner. I chopped up a ton of mushrooms using my Rosle Veggie Chopper – everyone should own one of these – it just makes things so much faster. After chopping up some baby bella mushrooms I sauteed them in butter with onions and garlic mixed up with grated pecorino romano cheese and a swig of rosemary for some added aroma. After making my mixture, I carefully stuffed mushroom caps with little mounds of mushroom hash and set them aside to stick them in the oven about 30 minutes prior to B and Bling’s arrival.

Stuffed Mushrooms

In addition to my stuffed mushroom cap apps, I prepared a fresh heirloom tomato salad tossed with a little mozzarella, basil topped off with an olive oil drizzle and a bit of sea salt. Heirloom Tomato Salad

Then I got to my roasted butternut squash and my pasta. I chopped up some butternut squash, tossed it in olive oil, sage, brown sugar and salt and roasted it in the oven for 45 minutes. Here is the real fatty part: my mushroom cream sauce fresh angel hair pasta tangled with maitake mushrooms (aka hen of the woods mushrooms) and Italian sausage. This is my husband’s favorite dish I make – it is probably 1000 calories for a mouthful, but that is what makes it oh so good. Pictures of both below.Butternut Squash and PastaAfter preparing the pasta and the squash, I arranged my cheese plate for the appetizers, which consisted of an assortment of cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk cheeses from Vermont, Italy and Spain. Cheese plate pic below:

cheese & grapesOnce everyone arrived and began filling up on the Sangria, cheese and mushroom caps, TH and I began preparing the filet mignon. We used our Le Creuset skillet which was really awesome for making a great steak without a grille. We preheated the oven to 500 degrees and then stuck the skillet in there for about 5 minutes letting it really heat up. Then we pulled the skillet out and seared each side of the filet for about 1 minute and stuck the skillet full of petite filets back in our oven for about 7 minutes with a dollop of truffle butter and a rosemary sprig just for good measure. The steak was cooked perfectly and tasted amazing.Filet Mignon

After getting everything over to the dining area in our apartment, we all sat down for a great holiday dinner full of calories, laughter and hearty conversion (not to mention amazing bread from a new local bakery in Chelsea – courtesy of B and Bling).
TableBread BasketI hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed eating what’s in them. Now it’s time to get back on track – yogurt, carrots, leafy greens, lots of sushi and gym time until Christmas!


Fat Girl

Jasmine, Mango & Hangovers

Yesterday, TH and I made our way through three vineyards in the Hamptons and way too much wine.  I was in rare form to say the least and had a rough night hanging out in the bathroom…All in all, the day was great and we had a lot of fun, but I do not want to go near wine again for a long, long time.

At 9:00 am this morning, I was pretty much awake, although I felt like I was recovering from near death…At 9:30 am, our building intercom rang and at 9:35 am, the Fresh Direct delivery man was outside my door with two boxes full of this week’s grocerys in his hands.  At 10:00 am, my good friend (we will call her the MacAttack since she has been teaching me the fine art of producing macarons) was at my door ready for a productive day of delicately crafty these little French bites of heaven.

We spent the day experimenting with new colors and flavors and I spent the day sucking down Gatorade to try and rehydrate my wine-exhausted body.  This weekend, we tried Jasmine and Mango macarons.  The Jasmine bites were super tasty.  We have finally perfected the art of buttercream, but we are still working on getting to those perfectly glossy flat shells.

My number one favorite thing about these cookies is that they are soooo tasty and lend themselves to many textures in each bit – so if you are a bit ADD, like me, these cookies will capture your attention for quite a while.  The number two thing that I love about these cookies is that they are naturally low calorie and gluten free!  A perfect treat for all my Fat Girl friends and for me!

I hope everyone enjoys the last few hours left in the weekend.


Fat Girl

Three Things I Love

1.  The Beach    2.  Wine    3.  My Husband

Tomorrow morning, my husband’s college friend (the Architect) and his wife (TAW – the Architect’s Wife), my husband and myself will be anxiously waiting on the corner of 47th and Lex  for our Hamptons Luxury Liner Wine Tour.

I can’t wait for a great day driving along some of the United State’s most beautiful beaches and sipping wine with my husband and two super amazing people.  TH certainly needs a day to de-stress and re-group and consume a lot of good tasting wine while letting loose with people who love him.  Things have been stressful at work with some rockiness in the stock markets and he has barely slept this week.  Along with a lack of sleep, he has continued to stick to a hardcore diet and workout regime.  What a rock.  He is one person I truly respect and admire.

Will update you on the Wine Tour tomorrow evening or Sunday morning.  Speaking of Sunday morning, let me add one more thing to my “Love List”:  MACARONS!!!!  I will be whipping up a fresh batch of vibrantly colored little circular clouds that tease your senses with my good friend who was supposed to work at Bear Stearns with me in 2008.  Can’t wait!


Fat Girl

“Fly Like an Eagle”

Last night I finally found myself back on the wagon due to my good friend, AN. AN and I rode bikes 28 and 29 at the Flatiron Flywheel location and pounded out to some good beats. I was sweating like a hog in the middle of a Texas heat wave and about half way in, I was ready to stop moving my legs and drop to the floor, but as I did with the half marathon I ran in May, I just kept pushing as hard as I could and told myself to keep moving my legs.

So here I was, following my own advice of “Being Social” and making workout plans with a friend – when we arrived at Flywheel tonight we both admitted that we likely would not have shown up if we knew the other wouldn’t be there. Hopefully my spin class yesterday evening puts me back on the cardio track…I really need it – I can feel my big fat booty growing little by little – time to start keeping it in check…

Speaking of keeping things in check, I am unfortunately, joining my good friend B, and her husband, Bling tonight downtown for Meatball Madness, an event hosted by chefs from some of the best restaurants in NYC. Needless to say, this is a major, major food bomb. I need to get my lumpy butt to the gym tomorrow morning so I can work off all the good things that make a meatball so tasty.

Fat Girl