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129. 2 Doesn’t Fit.

I think the title of this post pretty much sums it up.  I am at 129 pounds and my standard size two pants barely fit me – if I squeeze into them and I am okay with some severe muffin top and maybe a small dose of camel toe, than yes they fit, but I am 100% not okay with either of those two unsightly characteristics when it comes to how my pants fit.

I resolve that losing this weight and getting back to my goal weight range (120 – 125 lbs) will not be my New Year’s resolution because I want to be back at 125 by January 1, 2013 – I know this is a super duper challenge with holiday treats abound and calories just seeming to fly directly into my mouth, but I genuinely believe that you can do anything you put your mind to and I am putting my mind to losing 4 lbs by December 31.

Tonight, my company is holding their annual holiday party, which means that alcohol will be streaming from the bars and I’m sure lots of fried and sugary snacks will be pouring out of waitresses hands all evening long – this is going to be hell for the little Fat Girl trying to manage her intake of unhealthy little buggery food items.

I am a bit depressed about this recent weight gain and I feel like I’ve let myself down to be perfectly honest, which is not the greatest feeling to have around the holidays.  I guess that means I just need to pick myself up by the boot straps, close my mouth and start moving my legs like a crazed hamster on a wheel.


Fat Girl


Uh oh! It’s happening!

So I am writing tonight after a long day at work because I am beginning to notice some potentially serious post-wedding weight gain (my weight is currently fluctuating around the 125 – 127 level and my goal is to stay between 120 – 125 with 125 being my holiday max)…I need to kick it into gear and crush my growing fat cells in their tracks.  Here are five reasons I think I am gaining weight…

1) It is cold out and I could use a little extra blubber for insulation so I have the ability to rationalize not going to the gym and having a cookie instead

2) The winter season/holidays are making me want to eat my face off.  I am particularly craving items such as hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, anything apple-crispy-like

3) Things at work are a little crazy right now and it’s been a little difficult to make time for the gym

4)  Fun holiday activities and non-fun holiday obligations are keeping me very busy and well-boozed (alcohol = calories)

5)  Winter fashions allow for big boxy sweaters to hide big butts and wiggly bellies

I cannot allow myself to get out of control this winter – I have bought too many cute clothes that I want to be able to fit into this year and next!  Send me some inspiration for counter-holiday weight gain.



Fat Girl

Send me your healthy holiday dinner ideas and recipes!



My little sister emailed me today to start finalizing our Christmas dinner menu – this will be our first year preparing all the food for the family.  So far this is what we are thinking:


  • Crudité with hummus, fresh guacamole (I make some mean guac), and pico de gallo
  • Mini mushroom quiche
  • Some artisan cheeses with light crackers and grapes


  • My lovely little Hungarian grandma will be making the Turkey
  • My sister and I would like to accompany the Turkey with some other protein option – PLEASE SEND ME YOUR HEALTHY IDEAS AND RECIPES!!


  • We would like to make scalloped potatoes, however these have a tendency to be very  unhealthy – any healthy versions out there?
  • Potentially a garlic and oil based pasta dish…we will see on this one…

Cold Veggies:

  • Fresh beet salad (fresh beets cannot be beat!) with tangerines and fresh goat cheese  in an olive oil/rosemary drizzle
  • Winter greens with freshly baked cranberries, blue cheese crumble and walnuts in an orange balsamic vinaigrette

Hot Veggies:

  • Sauteéd red cabbage with vidalia onions and cilantro
  • String beans with blanched almonds in a garlic saute


  • We are thinking of typical holiday/Christmas desserts, but if you have healthy options with a touch of holiday cheer, PLEASE SEND ALONG!!!

All input, ideas, recipes and comments are much appreciated!  Please help my little sister and I make this year a spectacular Christmas to remember!


Fat Girl

Right Around the Corner

2012 has flown by!  So much has happened in one year (well at least for me it has!)  I have found a wonderful new job, finished a half marathon, lost 30 lbs, got scuba certified, and married the love of my life.

As I am sure you are all aware, we are officially one week out from every American’s excuse to pig out, watch football and pass out from a tryptophan overload.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means that a slew of Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah parties are to follow all laden with alcohol and non-calorie conscious food lurking on easy-to-reach holiday infused tables.

Next Wednesday, TH and I are leaving NYC to fly out to his family in Austin, Texas.  Every time I visit Texas (even non-holiday weekends), I gain weight.  Not sure if it’s his mom’s southern hospitality or if it’s just that everything is bigger in Texas, including me!  I have never spent a major holiday in Texas, so this year’s Thanksgiving day is likely to be bigger and better than ever with tons of food, tons of beer and tons of football (something I’m not particularly into, but will suffer through for the sake of Texan/American general happiness).  I am going to legitimately try my best to successfully dodge major calorie bombs like loading up on the cornbread, potatoes and other unnecessary starchy fillers that make Thanksgiving worthwhile.  After all, I did work so hard to lose weight – it would be such a shame to follow the general American populous throughout this holiday season and gain it all back in a matter of a few weeks.

To that end – check out this article from 2007 –> “The Skinny on Holiday Weight Gain“.

And I will leave you with that my Fat Girl friends…sorry to be a semi-holiday downer…I know it is a struggle, but at your next holiday gathering, try to stick to the veggies and the proteins and just dabble in the bad stuff that tastes oh so good.  I am going to try my best, but there’s no doubt that social eating may get the better of me.  I will certainly keep you all up-to-date and informed this holiday season.


Fat Girl