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2012 Meatball Madness








So last night, I ventured out to the Food Network’s Meatball Madness event at 82 Mercer (in Soho) with my good friend, B, her hubby, Bling and of course my man. We walked into a world of great bumpin’ beats churned out by DJ Mick Boogie (I don’t think he’s famous or even well known – I just got a kick out of his name) and clumps of Pork, Veal and Beef rolled into delicately crafted calorie bombs simmering in pools of sauce at every turn. In addition to the wealth of meatballs and fun music, there was tons of wine, champagne, chocolate and most surprisingly rexie pixi sticks. Who would have thought that a meatball event would attract NYC’s thinnest anos? I mean, you would think that an event that revolves around a super high calorie meat blob would be a rexie’s hellish nightmare – all that red and brown – it truly is a bloodbath for the rexie.

Anyway enough about my shocking observation regarding Anotown USA, the event really was spectacular. We saw tons of famous chefs including Donatella Arpaia, Giada De Laurentiis (who by the way certainly does not eat her own meatballs or must have an enviable metabolism – she weighs no more than 90 lbs), Anne Burrell, Pat LaFrieda, and Alex Guarnaschelli (fellow Barnard grad). The best part of the event is that 100% of the proceeds are given to a charity that benefits hunger in NYC, an ongoing problem in our great city. I feel truly blessed that I was so fortunate to be at that event with good friends that I love, a wonderful husband, and so many hailed chefs that have worked their asses off to make it in New York.

Tonight, I am off to Blue Ribbon Sushi and Grill at Columbus Circle with TH’s good friend and his girlfriend. This should be a nice change of pace for my thighs and overall calorie intake – plus I could really go for some fresh raw fish, especially after yesterday evening’s meat fest.

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