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Pop Champagne

In the words of Jim Jones…

“Pop Champagne,
Ain’t a damn thing change,
Spray it in the air,
Make it champagne rain, ha!”

Pop Champagne!

So this year I am “making it champagne rain” in Newport, RI with my best friend from high school, B, and her fiance – let’s call him Bling since he laid a massive a rock on her skinny ring finger and has a great personality that sparkles more than bling. We all wanted to bust out of the circus that swallows NYC on NYE every year.

Doing New Year’s once in your lifetime in Manhattan is fun, but in my humble opinion, that’s really all you need, as it is really just the same headache every year. For all those fun-loving ladies and gents out there who are willing to freeze on the cobble stone streets of meat-packing waiting for cabs at 4:00 am – more power to ya – I’m just too old and tired and lazy to muster up that kind of motivation for a crowded club where it’s insanely hard to lay my fat lips on a glass of champagne that I prepaid $100 – $300 for weeks ago.

So, this year, as mentioned earlier, I’m ringing in the New Year like a 90-year-old woman with the boyfriend and our good friends Bling & B. We are driving up to Newport, RI with four bottles of bubbly in toe and a selection of five artisan cheeses, some crackers, some old school hits on a CD mix I will create later this evening, and a few board games. B and I were Taboo champs in high school – as we battled it out with other nerds at HTHS (High Technology High School – top rated -according to U.S. News and World Report- public high school for geeks that would be stuffed in lockers at normal high schools) during our lunch period. Hopefully B and I still got our bone-crushing Taboo game and we will polverize the boys.

We are staying at 41 North, a cute new hotel very close to all the Newport Mansions, which we are planning on touring on New Year’s day. Anyway, I plan on fully enjoying myself this weekend – no worries about how many points or calories are in a glass of champagne or in my entrees at dinner – I will hit the gym hard today, tomorrow and Friday and vow to try to continue to do so in the New Year.

Fat Girl