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“Fly Like an Eagle”

Last night I finally found myself back on the wagon due to my good friend, AN. AN and I rode bikes 28 and 29 at the Flatiron Flywheel location and pounded out to some good beats. I was sweating like a hog in the middle of a Texas heat wave and about half way in, I was ready to stop moving my legs and drop to the floor, but as I did with the half marathon I ran in May, I just kept pushing as hard as I could and told myself to keep moving my legs.

So here I was, following my own advice of “Being Social” and making workout plans with a friend – when we arrived at Flywheel tonight we both admitted that we likely would not have shown up if we knew the other wouldn’t be there. Hopefully my spin class yesterday evening puts me back on the cardio track…I really need it – I can feel my big fat booty growing little by little – time to start keeping it in check…

Speaking of keeping things in check, I am unfortunately, joining my good friend B, and her husband, Bling tonight downtown for Meatball Madness, an event hosted by chefs from some of the best restaurants in NYC. Needless to say, this is a major, major food bomb. I need to get my lumpy butt to the gym tomorrow morning so I can work off all the good things that make a meatball so tasty.

Fat Girl


Cesca Won.

Wow!!!! So….as we were walking into Cesca, I saw that Aaheli won the vote! I promise we will hit up some Indian next weekend. Okay – Cesca was amazing!!! Great service, super friendly waiters and waitresses and super, super good food. I had an escarole salad topped with hazelnuts and Parmesan to start and for my main, I consumed about a third of a pasta dish. It was a squid ink fettuccine with lobster and white wine sauce and some herbs! Super amazing but I could not finish nearly the whole thing and wanted save some room for dessert! I had a 20 year tawny port and profiteroles for dessert. My little hubby consumed quite a bit tonight but was super happy with everything and is currently quite a bit shitfaced (excuse my French!). On the way back from dinner, we hopped into a gypsy can with a driver from the Dominican Republic who spoke pretty much entirely Spanish and we spoke pretty much entirely drunken Spanish with him as well with a few snippets of Spanglish thrown in here and there. Just got back to the apartment and it’s about time to pass out.

Fat Girl

PS Indian next week!!






ConfessionI was raised Catholic, and while I don’t follow any particular religious doctrine as an adult (I pretty much believe in yoga and the power of DNA), the idea of confessing your sins in order to clear your conscience/redeem yourself has stuck with me through the years.

So here goes my pretty pathetic confession…I have not made it to the gym for a rigorous cardiovascular workout since before my September 8th wedding!!!!  Eeekkkkk!  That is horrible.  I went once while on the honeymoon and did a few minutes of cardio and then mostly weight lifting, but I am now at the point where my weight is hovering around 120 lbs, which I am not complaining about; however, I think that some wiggles might be shifting to my booty as some of pants and skirts are starting to betray me.

The worst part of all of this is that the hubby and I have made a pact to eat healthy all week and then on Friday and Saturday nights allow ourselves to eat with some passion.  Tonight, we are between Indian and Italian.  Both options could prove to be calorie-ridden nightmares.  In light of needing to reign in my derriere just a tad, I am going to start including posts about great restaurants throughout NYC and how to find a nice balance between “delicious for you” and “healthy for you”.  Watch out for another post later tonight.  We are either heading to Aaheli (Indian) or to Cesca (Italian) – wish me luck!


Fat Girl