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yogaThe weekend is almost here! Wooohooooooooooo!

TH has been super stressed out recently so I think I am going to drag him to a yoga class tomorrow morning to get him to chill a little, find his inner calm and rebalance himself. I am not really the most flexible person and he really isn’t – he can’t hold his arms out in front of him with his hands pointed back towards his head and make his elbows touch – I thought that was a normal trait all humans have – apparently not. Despite our inflexibilities, yoga for me is sort of a religious experience – I have to focus so hard on holding poses such as downward dog, chaturanga, half moon, etc that I totally wipe my head of clean of any garbly thoughts that are clouding my thinking. When I leave a class, I feel refreshed – yoga gives me a clean slate.

My favorite yoga spot in the city is called YogaVida. It’s near Union Square and it’s a clean and friendly studio where people go to relax, workout and rebalance – no one gives two flying monkeys about your latest and greatest Lululemon yoga pants or how beet red my face gets when I am desperately trying to focus and do my best. That’s the kind of yoga I like – no judgements. So tomorrow, I can’t wait to get a workout in combined with supreme peace.

After yoga, I’ll have to run a few errands around what are supposed to be wet streets tomorrow – supposedly it is going to rain the whole weekend, which kind of stinks. If you’ve ever walked the streets of New York City in the rain, you know that it is less than a joyous experience. Homeless folks unfortunately often times cannot find proper facilities to relieve themselves in so when you walk on rained on streets in NYC, you are walking on rain that is likely mixed with urine and other filth that has acculumated in the city over its exisitence. Once I’ve navigated my way through running pesky little errands and back into my dry, clean apartment, it will be time to start whipping up a gluten free dinner for my good friend who will be visiting from Philly for her birthday dinner.

Will keep you posted on yoga and all other weekend excitements throughout the weekend.

Fat Girl