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So Be Good for Goodness Sake!

Now in the final three-day countdown of my pre-holiday struggle, I am sitting in front of my desktop shoving spoonfuls of Siggi’s Strained Non-fat Vanilla yogurt down my throat as I dream of sugar plum fairies, turkeys with lots of gravy, some mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Instead of dreaming about food, I am desperately pushing to flip my inner fatty switch to dream of barbells, treadmills and assisted chin-up machines.  Here’s where things get dicey…I KNOW that I should go to the gym.  I WANT to sit around in pajamas and eat huge scoops of vanilla ice cream that are violently suffocating the pumpkin pie beneath them.

Here is my resolution:  Finish my non-fat yogurt that still has some clumps left at the bottom of the cup.  Have my usual Palm Beach Shrimp salad from Chop’t for lunch.  Eat a healthy dinner.  Have some healthy snacks – maybe an Apple or Sugar-Free Jello (10 calories!).  Repeat this process tomorrow and Wednesday.  Add in a vigorous gym session tonight and tomorrow evening.  Eat like a tyrannosaurus-rex on Thanksgiving – meaning focus on the high protein stuff for dinner – devour the turkey and through in some leafy stuff – try to avoid the mashed potatoes and save my calories for the pumpkin pie that has been dancing  in my head.

I will report back tonight to let you know how well I am sticking to my plan – particularly the working out part – I am just not a fan of the gym.


Fat Girl


Getting back to…

My Thanksgiving post from yesterday…just saw this link come up on Facebook newsfeed, and I felt that I just had to share, given this blog is about food and all the warm fuzzies that go along with it.  While I am in no way a Williams Sonoma hater (in fact I am one of the suckers who would likely buy the stupid pumpkin soup bowls if I didn’t live in a pea-sized Manhattan apartment), but this is just too funny not to spread to the world.





Fat Girl

Right Around the Corner

2012 has flown by!  So much has happened in one year (well at least for me it has!)  I have found a wonderful new job, finished a half marathon, lost 30 lbs, got scuba certified, and married the love of my life.

As I am sure you are all aware, we are officially one week out from every American’s excuse to pig out, watch football and pass out from a tryptophan overload.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means that a slew of Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah parties are to follow all laden with alcohol and non-calorie conscious food lurking on easy-to-reach holiday infused tables.

Next Wednesday, TH and I are leaving NYC to fly out to his family in Austin, Texas.  Every time I visit Texas (even non-holiday weekends), I gain weight.  Not sure if it’s his mom’s southern hospitality or if it’s just that everything is bigger in Texas, including me!  I have never spent a major holiday in Texas, so this year’s Thanksgiving day is likely to be bigger and better than ever with tons of food, tons of beer and tons of football (something I’m not particularly into, but will suffer through for the sake of Texan/American general happiness).  I am going to legitimately try my best to successfully dodge major calorie bombs like loading up on the cornbread, potatoes and other unnecessary starchy fillers that make Thanksgiving worthwhile.  After all, I did work so hard to lose weight – it would be such a shame to follow the general American populous throughout this holiday season and gain it all back in a matter of a few weeks.

To that end – check out this article from 2007 –> “The Skinny on Holiday Weight Gain“.

And I will leave you with that my Fat Girl friends…sorry to be a semi-holiday downer…I know it is a struggle, but at your next holiday gathering, try to stick to the veggies and the proteins and just dabble in the bad stuff that tastes oh so good.  I am going to try my best, but there’s no doubt that social eating may get the better of me.  I will certainly keep you all up-to-date and informed this holiday season.


Fat Girl