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Union Jack


Tonight the hubby and I leave Newark International Airport at 7:15 pm to head to the land of castles, crown jewels, Big Ben and grungy punk rockers.  You guessed it:  London Calling!  We will spend Valentine’s Day sipping on tea and munching crumpets and will head out to the English countryside (Leicester to be exact) the following day to visit TH’s grandparents, aunts and uncles.

I absolutely love love love beef stew and potatoes and other forms of British pub food so I hope that this trip is not particularly disastrous for me.

We get back to the states on Monday night – I’ll let you know if we have any Will & Preggy Princess sightings!

Also, if you’ve ever been to Leicester or the surrounding area and did any day trips that were particularly exciting, please drop me a line and let me know!


Food Tour in Austin

First off, let me say that while this weekend started out okay in terms of calorie intake and food bombs exploding in my direction, I progressed into war zone territory as the weekend continued.  I am now back in New York City, feeling officially defeaten by all the sugar, fat and goodies I have succumbed to while in Austin.

Yesterday, TH brought me to the South Congress area of Austin where we took in Austin’s “weirdness”, tried some Trailer Park food, and just enjoyed the sights and culture Austin has to offer.  This area is by far one of Austin’s coolest and just weirdest areas.  The streets are sprinkled with Food Trailers and cool musicians showing off their talent to passersby.  I am going to take you there with all the photos I’ve taken…please keep reading on.

When we pulled up, this was the first thing that caught my attention…

This costumed zebra was enormous and perched high above the store “Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds”, a costume and vintage shop across from a Baptist Church.

After parking the car and deciding whether or not I needed my coat on that brisk Austin day, we headed over to Austin’s most famous food trailer park, which is home to the “Hey Cupcake” trailer.  We actually know someone who attended business school with a student who decided to save this company as part of her coursework while in business school.

Here is a fun little video from Hey Cupcake’s website and below that you can peruse through my photographs from my experience there – I would highly recommend these cupcakes – soft, fluffy and perfectly sweetened!

Top: “Hey Cupcake” trailer – beautiful and shiny spitting out perfectly crafted little fluffy puffs that will tickle your palette and warm your heart, On the bottom right: Two cupcakes – one for moi and one for my lover butt – I had the Pumpkinator and he had the 24 Carrot! So delish! Bottom Left: Singing cowboy who sits next to the cupcake truck and strums out tunes from the 1970s making you feel like you are back in time while you lick up all the icing on your mini-cake!

After Hey Cupcake, we made our way through the Food Trailer park and I found these cute signs – I thought they were witty and fun.  You can actually see TH’s legs and torso in the Trailer Trash photo.  😉

From Top Left: “The Trailer Perk” – A cute little coffee trailer, “Little Big Mike’s” – A competitor of Homeslice, which I will discuss momentarily, plus I like the name Mike 😉 “Trailer Trash” – so so cute! I am happy people are very conscious about recycling and keeping Austin neat and clean, and last but not least a sign on the Fried Pickles trailer – love it! I am never calling anything fried again!

After photographing like crazy, I got a little hungry so we stopped at Home Slice, a “New York Style” (it was really New Jersey, but NJ doesn’t sell so of course they were going to call it NY) pizzeria!  It was by far the best pizza I have ever had outside of New York/New Jersey.  Really yummy.  Cool pictures of their signs below…

After scarfing down “NY-Style” pizza, which I must reiterate was pretty gosh darn good, we found some Trailer SHOPPING!!!!  Sooo freakin’ cool.  I bought a necklace and sunglasses for my little sister (she is studying to become a gastro – poop doctor in laymans terms) and a necklace and sunglasses for myself!  Everything was super hip and trendy.  LOVE IT.
Curb Service Trailer StoreAfter the trailer shops, we headed on north on South Congress avenue up to an old fashioned candy shop.  On the way we passed a cafe with doors that looked like they were out of an old western movie…pictures below.

This place was so cool – I have tons of other photos from here…I even have pictures from inside the bathroom. It was heaven for me – sugar and sweets everywhere and just so much to look at which is why I forgot to try something in there – I was just too preoccupied looking around. It was for the ADD child hyped on ice cream and lollipops for sure and I WAS LOVIN’ IT! If you want to see the bathroom pics, let me know and I will post those too – there are no shots of me peeing, don’t get worried now!

After a full and fun day exploring this super “weird” side of Austin, TH and I ventured out to his friend’s house in Pfluggerville, TX for some tacos and beer (as if we needed anymore food at that point).  It was an awesome day and a great Thanksgiving weekend.  Now it is time to unpack, regroup and prepare for the work week ahead, the daily grind of New York City, the holiday bustle and many rexies wandering the streets.

More to come this week!


Fat Girl

Keeping Austin Weird


This was a weird shrine outside of the bathroom stalls at Malverde…


One of TH’s friends had a little too much to drink and got weird with this construction sign.

Last night TH and I ventured out to downtown Austin for TexMex, Margaritas, good conversation and a little dancing with his buddies from high school and their wives. We started at Garridos for dinner and it was great! I had snapper BLT, steak marinated in coffee and standard grilled chicken tacos and an awesome Margarita. From there we moved on to a lounge/club, Malverde Anyway, headed off with the inlaws for a day walking around downtown!  I hope you find the photos above entertaining. Look forward to another post on Austin!!

Fat Girl

Pop Champagne

In the words of Jim Jones…

“Pop Champagne,
Ain’t a damn thing change,
Spray it in the air,
Make it champagne rain, ha!”

Pop Champagne!

So this year I am “making it champagne rain” in Newport, RI with my best friend from high school, B, and her fiance – let’s call him Bling since he laid a massive a rock on her skinny ring finger and has a great personality that sparkles more than bling. We all wanted to bust out of the circus that swallows NYC on NYE every year.

Doing New Year’s once in your lifetime in Manhattan is fun, but in my humble opinion, that’s really all you need, as it is really just the same headache every year. For all those fun-loving ladies and gents out there who are willing to freeze on the cobble stone streets of meat-packing waiting for cabs at 4:00 am – more power to ya – I’m just too old and tired and lazy to muster up that kind of motivation for a crowded club where it’s insanely hard to lay my fat lips on a glass of champagne that I prepaid $100 – $300 for weeks ago.

So, this year, as mentioned earlier, I’m ringing in the New Year like a 90-year-old woman with the boyfriend and our good friends Bling & B. We are driving up to Newport, RI with four bottles of bubbly in toe and a selection of five artisan cheeses, some crackers, some old school hits on a CD mix I will create later this evening, and a few board games. B and I were Taboo champs in high school – as we battled it out with other nerds at HTHS (High Technology High School – top rated -according to U.S. News and World Report- public high school for geeks that would be stuffed in lockers at normal high schools) during our lunch period. Hopefully B and I still got our bone-crushing Taboo game and we will polverize the boys.

We are staying at 41 North, a cute new hotel very close to all the Newport Mansions, which we are planning on touring on New Year’s day. Anyway, I plan on fully enjoying myself this weekend – no worries about how many points or calories are in a glass of champagne or in my entrees at dinner – I will hit the gym hard today, tomorrow and Friday and vow to try to continue to do so in the New Year.

Fat Girl